In Franklin’s tower there hangs a bell

Miss me? I missed me too. I don’t know if I had a touch of something or if I ate something, but the Wine Dog was down for the count yesterday. I had a ton of things to do yesterday and I did one thing and slept the rest of the day. And evening. And night. And now I’m back and full of piss and vinegar with no material because I’ve been sleeping for 22 of the last 24 hours. I broke 200 the hard way today too. I’d been flirting with it for a week. Nothing like a touch of food poisoning or flu to kick start that program, eh? So I missed a work out and a bike ride yesterday. I’m not going to make up the workout but I need to get out on the bike today, preferably before it hits 100 degrees here.

I did get sent this fascinating piece of Parkinson’s Disease. I suppose if you have cable you might have seen it. I had them turn it off. I don’t watch that much television to justify $66 a month on unemployment. So I watch the news online or catch the important stuff on youtube. Like today I’ll track down the Beauty Queen’s speech. By the way, population of Contra Costa County according to the U.S. Census Bureau (2006) 1,024,319. Population of Alaska according to the U.S. Census Bureau (2006) 670,053. Also according to the census 2479 black people in the entire State of Alaska. Does that count military? Does anyone know? I think we can give the “Does Obama have enough experience?” question a rest. I’ve got more experience than the Beauty Queen. I think she’s Dick Cheney in a skirt, with better aim. At least she doesn’t shoot her hunting partners. So she thinks she’s going to come down out of Northern Exposure and…she’s never seen what the rest of this country is about. She’s never seen an East Coast slum. I thought the housing projects in Bayview and Oakland were rough. They ain’t shit compared to the way poor people live back East. There ain’t nothing like it under the Northern lights. It’s going to be a fine come-to-Jesus for the Beauty Queen.  Do I really need to comment on her “What exactly does the Vice President do during the day?” question? Well, the last Veep presided over the corporate takeover of our democracy and shot his hunting partner. Good luck honey.