Up through the ground came a bubblin’ crude

It started off a slow news day, and I was going to be retrospective…which I still will, but first, NASCAR Teddy is bleeding the fuel lines again. More layoffs, more pay cuts. Teddy, I’ve got to ask “Parker gave back his bonus. Et tu?” Yeah, I know, as long as the SOB breaks even you don’t care. Don’t make me look up your golf handicap again.

The Google keywords of the weak week. In no particular order:

  • Mercury fidelity dismissal (yup, we got that here)
  • barf ride in danvil (yeah, been there done that)
  • banner and witcoff working environment (this was a PBE classic maybe a PBE top ten)
  • secret to mrs. field’s cookie
  • two dobermans shitting (I can’t add to that)
  • jerry hauptman
  • patty hauptman
  • john harritt
  • mercury companies 2008 blogs
  • military bunny ears (made of kevlar?)

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of our move to The Farm. A year ago I had one working toilet, no working shower, no working kitchen sink and one big black Doberman. Now all the toilets work, the shower works, the kitchen sink works and I have a blue and a red Doberman but my big black prince is gone. He thought I bought him a dog park when we moved in here. Today I met one of the icons of the modern Doberman. She’s had dogs at Westminster and won just about every where else. I showed her a picture of my “Hillbilly Dobermans”. She looked at them and said “He’s got a really nice head piece. Don’t call him a hillbilly.” It was sweet. He’s a hillbilly and I like it that way. Don’t let that long hair hide that red neck boy.
[youtube muyqMrsuLXw]

Sunday Ride on Monday

I did the Diablo loop yesterday. The only difference was that I rode up Ygnacio instead of coming up Treat. It’s tougher coming up Ygnacio but it’s over quicker. The distance is exactly the same.

  • Mileage 44.74
  • Time 3:31:02
  • Average speed 12.6
  • Calories burned 1902
  • Post ride nap 2 hours

Update:  Never, ever get yourself quoted on a website called Idiot Inc.  Nice job Jerry.  Idiot.