I’m so tired, my mind is on the blink

I think my head has cleared enough to report on Friday night’s dinner.  We went to Metro Lafayette.  There is absolutely no reason to bring wine to this restaurant.  The wine list is flawless.  I’ve actually written about it before.  However, I had several bottles in the Wine Dog Cellar that I’d been holding back for my 50th birthday.  So I brought my precious 2004 DeLille D2 that I’d been hanging on to for about two years.  It did not disappoint.  I followed that up with a 2000 Corison Cabernet Sauvignon.  Also ridiculous.  90 point wines just get better over time if properly cellared.  Yeah, I cellar properly.  We finished with a 1994 Bosche, which we got open as dinner showed up.  Sometimes the Bosche gets a little sideways, not this one, it did what that wine should do.  On to the food.  I did not have the oysters, not my thing.  I did have crab cakes and the poke.  Both awesome dishes.  I’m pretty sure they made the crab cakes with a creme fraiche in the mix.  I followed mine up with the gnocchi.  I’m a big fan of gnocchi.  One of my favorite meals is a nice steak and some gnocchi.  (Restaurants never put that combo on a plate)  This was freshly made, a little different consistency than usual, one I preferred actually, then tossed with some baby squash and a delightful meal.  The company was awesome and it was a perfect birthday night.

The telex machine is kept so clean

Overheard today

Wall Street hasn’t given a rat’s ass about Main Street.  I guess Main Street doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Wall Street.

Guess not. It’s month’s end and I’m screaming busy.  I’ll be back with more…if the Republic doesn’t fail tomorrow.  In the meantime.

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I looked in my mirror; a red light was blinkin’, the cops was after my Hot Rod Lincoln!


Rita’s tag has hot rod flames on it. There was no other appropriate tag for that dog. She’s a hot little red head and she’s always on fire. Today I decided to run her at the DPC of Northern California and Redwood Empire’s Working Aptitude Evaluation. It’s an AKC test with numerous facets designed to tell if your working dog will actually work. There were plenty of designer label dogs there and my little hot rod Rita. We went off 22nd. As of that moment exactly two dogs has passed. They had various degrees of screw ups. I had no idea what Rita was going to do. We had to use their band collar, which I didn’t like. I never work my dogs on band collars. It’s the fastest way I know to lose a dog, let them slip a band collar. I like the prong collars. Dogs learn not to mess up quickly. Once they learn the collar, you rarely have to snap it. If you do, they come to Jesus pretty quickly. So the band collar was like Friday night at the frat house for Rita. Still, the first discipline is a neutral stranger. She could have cared less. Then a friendly stranger. She was on her game. Then you walk along a van and someone in front of the van is shaking a can full of pebbles. She sniffed it like she was supposed to. Then you walk past a guy who fired a gun once, then three more times. She jumped but didn’t care. OK, we’d been practicing that one. Then you walk over to a woman sitting with an umbrella, as the dog approaches she opens the umbrella. The dog can spook but must come back and sniff the umbrella. Rita nailed it. Then they walk them over garbage bags and a wire kennel laid out flat. That’s called unfamiliar surfaces. No worries for Rita. The final was stop at the rosette and a guy with a hat, a stick and covered in a tarp would come out and make a bunch of threatening noise. The evaluator said to act scared. I don’t know how to act scared so I decided to go with “Rita, let’s get him”. She took one look at the guy and I think in her head she thought “what an asshole” and went on to sniff duck poop. We failed but that was the only discipline we missed. She had it until she got to the guy in the trash bag duck poop. The evaluator told me we didn’t pass (they’re supposed to stand into the guy and watch them or warn, Rita did neither) but she added that the dog was really in tune to me and I had done a great job with her. She asked how long I’d had her and I said since January. She reiterated that I’d done a great job with her. I feel like we got a W today anyway.

Dressed down by Jack Cafferty

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That Katie Couric interview might be the turning point in the election. I predict she cites some bullshit and withdraws this week. The Party powers that be can’t be thrilled with this sort of stuff. On the other hand, the boys over on Drunk Cyclist compared Joe Biden to Fuzzy Zoller. They might have nailed it. Thursday can’t come quick enough.

While we wait, Dolphyngyrl sent me some Sarah Palin haiku. Feel free to add your own in the comments section.

Take the very breath you gave me

I was all ready to scorch some earth in tonight’s post when I received an email that made me cry. Back when Beauregard got sick I asked the folks in the Doberman community how they would treat inoperable untreatable cancer. I got numerous responses. Then Sunday morning the phone rang. It was another DPCA member who was treating the very same disease in her eight year old girl. I didn’t know this woman. She apologized for looking me up in the DPCA member directory and calling like she did. No worries, but I did think “Isn’t this what the directory is for?” She spent an hour explaining how she was dosing her dog with herbs and where to buy them and just about anything else I needed to know. I went out and spent $135 that afternoon and started dosing Beauregard immediately. We all know he only made it to Tuesday. This woman had much better luck, until today.


Godspeed little girl. I know you were well loved.

Back to our regularly scheduled Tom Foolery

OK, now I’ll get back to misbehaving. My favorite unemployed Underwriter sent me these tidbits. OK, they aren’t tidbits. They’re the Mercury bankruptcy schedules. They’re big so download time will be a little while, but so worth your time.

Statement of Financial Affairs


Schedule Part 1

Schedule Part 2


Now I know who my ankle biter in Colorado was. I need to figure out what happened with WAMU today. And that bail out. However, there’s less than 10 hours left of my 40’s. In lieu of that situation I think I’ll get stinking drunk and run buck naked through the neighborhood. If OTG could leave a cheesecake on the doorstep… I’m sure I’ll be hungry when I get back. Have a great night.

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With every mistake we must surely be learning

Post this under: Only morons believed it.. Poor schmuck. Here’s the other piece. Look familiar? Here’s a hint. Snopes is your friend. Always. And who cares anyway? OK, he did a good job. One of the tricks to a good photoshop job is getting the skin color accurate. Harder than you may think. Nice job. But why are we talking about it? It’s not like we haven’t seen Bill and Hillary’s heads slapped on to a number of other bodies and blue dresses.

Quit wasting our time. I don’t care that McCain has 13 cars. He has a large family. It’s not like he has a bunch of Hummers. I’m single and I have three cars. Some people collection shit when they get older. Or just get lazy and don’t sell it. At the current rate, I’ll have 13 cars by the times I’m 72. God knows you don’t want me to run for President. And the fact that I do just doesn’t matter. It ain’t an a-ha moment. The fact that he doesn’t know the economy is in the shitter is an a-ha moment. Fundamentals. Bullshit.

I care about this big bail out. It’s a socialist solution to a capitalist problem. It won’t work. The solution is simple. Banks will figure it out. Re-write the loans or go under. It’s simple shit. We don’t need to be bailing out these guys and their bad decisions. We’re not bailing out the individuals who made bad decisions. Why are we bailing out businessmen who made bad decisions? Screw them. No golden parachutes, you’re an asshole, you made bad decisions have fun living on $1800 a month.

No cycling today. Too much crap in my lungs. Maybe Thursday.

I forgot to add Tyson.  He’s a show dog, a rally dog and an obedience dog.  And why I love this breed.

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They wind up on skid row with holes in their pockets

File this under I’d rather be lucky than good

One of my buddies down at the gym, actually the guy who works the front counter, won a morning with David Ledbetter, for two through the US Golf Association somehow. I don’t really care how. What I care about is that the guy who was going with him, bailed out and I get to go. That is seven shades of awesome. Maybe he can take the slice out of my swing.

School is now in session

I’ll be working out Rita in preparation for the Working Aptitude Evaluation next Sunday. I’ve been firing off a starter pistol so she’s not afraid of loud noises. (Who the hell can be around here and afraid of loud noises?) We’ll do familiar stranger and unfamiliar stranger and the pistol and the umbrella today. Lots of bits of turkey franks will be involved. If she looks good we’re going to go. Bubba on the other hand was afraid of the tile at Petco yesterday. I got home and realized that I forgot to buy dog food. Don’t ask me why Petco charges $5 per bag more for dog food. It would make me crazy if they weren’t the only ones open to 8pm on a Sunday night for us dumb asses. While Bubba and I went to get dog food, we left Rita in her new crate. Her blankets weren’t out of the wash so I figured for 30 minutes she could deal with a bare crate. Upon our return we discovered that she had peed in her crate and was spinning around like she does when I get home. Dog piss was spraying out of the crate as she spun in circles. Sometimes I hate that dog. Yeah, I know they aren’t supposed to soil their crates. Rita always has and I can’t figure out why.

You may think it’s funny but it’s snot

I’m still snotty, but I worked out anyway today. I got sick on the 11th of September. I don’t see a problem with working out 11 days later although it shook everything up and I was sort of disgusting. I’ve backed the weight off a full ten percent. The way my body was handling the heavier weight and the fact that I’m down 8 pounds in the last two months led me to that decision. The workout wasn’t ridiculously hard but it wasn’t easy either, so I think I hit my mark. I’ll do four weeks with these numbers and then bump it up five percent.

That’s what I was thinking

I heard McCain talking about regulating and reeling in Wall Street and all that last week. I sat there thinking “but those guys are your most strident supporters” They aren’t going to like hearing words like regulation coming from a Republican candidate. Not to mention that it’s not in the platform. And then ABC had him for brunch.

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