I’m so tired, my mind is on the blink

I think my head has cleared enough to report on Friday night’s dinner.  We went to Metro Lafayette.  There is absolutely no reason to bring wine to this restaurant.  The wine list is flawless.  I’ve actually written about it before.  However, I had several bottles in the Wine Dog Cellar that I’d been holding back […]

I looked in my mirror; a red light was blinkin’, the cops was after my Hot Rod Lincoln!

RED DOG FAIL Rita’s tag has hot rod flames on it. There was no other appropriate tag for that dog. She’s a hot little red head and she’s always on fire. Today I decided to run her at the DPC of Northern California and Redwood Empire’s Working Aptitude Evaluation. It’s an AKC test with numerous […]

They wind up on skid row with holes in their pockets

File this under I’d rather be lucky than good One of my buddies down at the gym, actually the guy who works the front counter, won a morning with David Ledbetter, for two through the US Golf Association somehow. I don’t really care how. What I care about is that the guy who was going […]