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    I’m so tired, my mind is on the blink

    I think my head has cleared enough to report on Friday night’s dinner.  We went to Metro Lafayette.  There is absolutely no reason to bring wine to this restaurant.  The wine list is flawless.  I’ve actually written about it before.  However, I had several bottles in the Wine Dog Cellar that I’d been holding back for my 50th birthday.  So I brought my precious 2004 DeLille D2 that I’d been hanging on to for about two years.  It did not disappoint.  I followed that up with a 2000 Corison Cabernet Sauvignon.  Also ridiculous.  90 point wines just get better over time if properly cellared.  Yeah, I cellar properly.  We finished…

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    The telex machine is kept so clean

    Overheard today Wall Street hasn’t given a rat’s ass about Main Street.  I guess Main Street doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Wall Street. Guess not. It’s month’s end and I’m screaming busy.  I’ll be back with more…if the Republic doesn’t fail tomorrow.  In the meantime. [youtube 8yteMugRAc0]

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    I looked in my mirror; a red light was blinkin’, the cops was after my Hot Rod Lincoln!

    RED DOG FAIL Rita’s tag has hot rod flames on it. There was no other appropriate tag for that dog. She’s a hot little red head and she’s always on fire. Today I decided to run her at the DPC of Northern California and Redwood Empire’s Working Aptitude Evaluation. It’s an AKC test with numerous facets designed to tell if your working dog will actually work. There were plenty of designer label dogs there and my little hot rod Rita. We went off 22nd. As of that moment exactly two dogs has passed. They had various degrees of screw ups. I had no idea what Rita was going to do.…

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    Take the very breath you gave me

    I was all ready to scorch some earth in tonight’s post when I received an email that made me cry. Back when Beauregard got sick I asked the folks in the Doberman community how they would treat inoperable untreatable cancer. I got numerous responses. Then Sunday morning the phone rang. It was another DPCA member who was treating the very same disease in her eight year old girl. I didn’t know this woman. She apologized for looking me up in the DPCA member directory and calling like she did. No worries, but I did think “Isn’t this what the directory is for?” She spent an hour explaining how she was…

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    With every mistake we must surely be learning

    Post this under: Only morons believed it.. Poor schmuck. Here’s the other piece. Look familiar? Here’s a hint. Snopes is your friend. Always. And who cares anyway? OK, he did a good job. One of the tricks to a good photoshop job is getting the skin color accurate. Harder than you may think. Nice job. But why are we talking about it? It’s not like we haven’t seen Bill and Hillary’s heads slapped on to a number of other bodies and blue dresses. Quit wasting our time. I don’t care that McCain has 13 cars. He has a large family. It’s not like he has a bunch of Hummers. I’m…

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    They wind up on skid row with holes in their pockets

    File this under I’d rather be lucky than good One of my buddies down at the gym, actually the guy who works the front counter, won a morning with David Ledbetter, for two through the US Golf Association somehow. I don’t really care how. What I care about is that the guy who was going with him, bailed out and I get to go. That is seven shades of awesome. Maybe he can take the slice out of my swing. School is now in session I’ll be working out Rita in preparation for the Working Aptitude Evaluation next Sunday. I’ve been firing off a starter pistol so she’s not afraid…