French police wouldn’t give me no peace

Bubba mixed it up with Loki yesterday. It was the worst fight he’s been in. They locked on each other and weren’t giving in. The Brother had Loki I think by the scruff or maybe in a barrel hug and I had Bubba by his haunches and I was pulling away. I thought Bubba was ok, but he just continues to get his ass kicked. His face is punctured. He’s still on antibiotics from the asskicking Rita handed him, so it’s just another day at the farm. He was actually really protective when they first got here and he really didn’t back off that position too much. Loki was a little pissed off as he’s a regular at this bar and grill. I think it was a case of “Don’t mess with my Dad” as Brother was sitting with Loki and Bubba came up to them. It’s funny since the worst ass kicking Beau ever got was at the hands of Xica over The Brother’s attentions.

We don’t have a lot of rules here. Rule One, no playing in my bed.


I have a sneaking suspicion that rule is not being followed.

I spent a goodly portion of the day sanding down the siding. The Farm needs a paint job.



Wood destroying pests have left ridges in the wood.



Black and Decker rules all. I’m also working on the Japanese Maple stump. I had this tree cut down last year. Somebody came up to Jesus the tree cutter dude and complained that he couldn’t do it. Jesus, who speaks pretty good English no comprende what they wanted and the tree came down dove nest and all. I later learned the doves were the dumb blondes of the bird world. It was probably the crazy lady who incidentally got hauled off on a 5150 about two weeks ago. Glass houses, dear. Anyway, the damned termites didn’t eat that so I’m having to use Grants Stump Kill. It involved drilling these 1 inch holes in the stump and then putting this stuff into it.


And last but not least. This dude:


I didn’t sand over there and just let him be. Don’t know what he does or doesn’t eat, but he didn’t look like a termite, so I figured he could live.

Hush hush keep it down now voices carry

The feedbag is going to be fun today:

Now Jerrold G. Hauptman, you signed documents saying to the best of your knowledge these are the 20 Largest Unsecured Creditors and you know this to be utter Bullshit!  You might want to rethink some things and redo your little list because I know what you know!!   The powers that be(government, judges, EBSA, Dept of Labor) are  gonna look at you and wonder if your not telling the truth about this little document what else have you not told the truth about and when they start digging all your gonna end up with is one deep, dark, black hole that hopefully Patty slips off her Prada heels and falls in.

I hate when bad things happen to Italian designers.

The Lord could surf without a surfboard Christmas

You know, when you run a business like a sailor on a $700 drunk….

The Petition

Twenty largest creditors

Equity holders.

Verification of creditors matrix

Now, you just KNOW that the $507k owed to John Harritt did not slip by the Wine dog. Or Mofo for $728k. (I told you they weren’t getting paid) But I wasn’t expecting to see Mr. Awalt to the tune of $746k. And the Dan Gaudrau I know is a powerlifting guy, a giant of a man…and I believe ex-Marine. Is it the same guy? Stiffed by the Hauptmans? Dude. Now THAT could leave a mark.

A special PBE thanks to Oldtitleguy and his pacer account, and all the gentle readers who keep me supplied with awesome fodder.

Send lawyers, guns and money, the shit has hit the fan

Assets are found or have been departed with improperly. It’s not good news for anyone, but I wouldn’t assume anything as of yet. David Balter

Looks like someone has learned how the Hauptmans like to do business. Try the Caymen Islands. Another gentle reader tipped the Wine Dog off to some hefty political contributions happening over at 1515 Arapahoe. Or is it the party over on Wazee? I hear there’s big DNC parties going on at the Hauptman residence this week. Anyone? Bueller? Now I’ve got a bleeding liberal heart the size of all outdoors, but I don’t have the balls the stiff the workers and have lavish parties to grease political palms at the same time. Or is the hutzpah? Or is that just brashness? Or criminal?

Speaking of my bleeding liberal heart, my favorite line of the night, from the guy who’s job got shipped overseas after he and his father worked for the same factory since 1949.

America needs a President that puts Barney Smith before Smith Barney.

-Barney Smith at the DNC

Be still my bleeding liberal heart.

Detour there’s a muddy road ahead

[youtube jk6zYm_XTGw]

Landamerica –DOWNGRADED

Fidelity National Financial –DOWNGRADED

First American Financial –DOWNGRADED

Please say with a fake Russian accent “Who iz dis Fitch and wot have we dun to incur their wrath”.

Should have read that detour sign.

Sure is hot out


No, actually it was in the shade. I don’t know why it was reading that bad. It’s was only 107 here.

The good news, weather like that makes for spectacular produce. I cooked my first spaghetti squash the other night. I love spaghetti squash. My Grandmother used to get them down in Arizona. She got a lot of weird stuff down there. I loved it. I have been cooking them ever since I figured out how. I can make a pretty good one, but really, I grow the best ones. That squash was off the hook. I was at Trader Joe’s the other day looking for fresh mozzarella to have with my fresh tomatoes. A younger woman was talking to an older woman next to me. They were discussing what kind of mozzarella “he” wanted. The younger woman was looking at the aged cheese. Then I heard her say to the older woman “he wants to have it with sliced tomatoes”. Then, I said, he wants this one, because that’s what I’m doing too. The older woman laughed and said “That’s what everybody’s doing, the tomatoes are so good right now.” Yes they are.


Time well wasted

I was talking with a gal today about wasting time. She had given away her television to help herself stop from wasting time. So she found a way to waste time watching movies on the internet. Sometimes I’m really good at wasting time on the internet. Other times, it’s like this. Today was one of those good days. I got sent this story. Of course you know where I’m going to go with it. So we’ll skip that part and go right to the part where I google to find out if it’s even true in the first place. It appears that there was a problem with the engineering and weight and simple stuff. Then I come upon a comment that suggests that even the best engineers in the world can be boneheaded once in a while, and a reference to this accident.

[youtube Ow3rxq7U1mA]

I didn’t know what the guy was talking about so I googled some more, because when it comes to wasting time, I am unmatched. I run across this article. Mark Webber flipped the same car twice in the same week and didn’t get badly hurt!


OK, you’ve reached the end of the internet, now go outside and play. And thanks for stopping by.

So much for the golden future, I can’t even start

Dolphyngyrl likes to get me going first thing in the morning. Today she rolled snake eyes. Bikers down. Yeah, holy crap.

Sonofabun is certain that Rita looks just like Ben Affleck in Daredevil.


OK, she kind of does. Today I found her crouched in the doorway of the dining room stalking squirrels. She was on full alert, primed to spring, just watching. It was kind of cool and kind of evil all at the same time. She is kind of cool and kind of evil most of the time.

Connect the Dots

It is my life’s work right now to find the missing link that pierces Jerry’s corporate veil. Every day I hope that the smoking gun finds its way to me. The next dot we need to connect is Centennial Bank. I’m sure there’s a skeleton or two in the vaults. The question is how are the Hauptmans all wrapped up in the machinations of that bank. It’s believed that they are. Who holds the missing puzzle piece. Email the winedog at astound dot net. I’m sure there’s a prize in it. Or maybe we’ll do it title company style and I’ll take the credit myself. And get you a 35% cut in pay.

Oh Patty! Did I make you pucker?

Now that’s a Mofo!

I also hear that they aren’t sending those buckets full of money to Mofo any more. While I can attest that they are some of the best legal beagles out there, doesn’t make sense to pay that hourly rate so Jerry and Patty can continue not paying the people who worked for them…ouch mon! On the other hand, Mofo should have seen that one coming. I wonder how much they got stiffed for.

Shout out!

If in Alameda, you should do as the Alamedians do and stop by BarCeluna. They’ve moved for what seems like the 37th time, but it’s really just the third time. The new place feels lush and comfy. It’s all small plates. It is the brainchild of my friend Chuck, his brilliant Chef John and another partner who I will apologize for not remembering her name. Small plates, great wines, awesome staff. You have to shout out to any businessman who has after all this time the same Chef and the same kid who walked in with a broken arm and asked for a job in the beginning. That’s how you run a business. Originally they were to be a neighborhood steak house. Chuck used his Grandmother’s sauce recipe. They did a NY with pasta with a cardinale sauce that would just make me nuts. Then they moved to the small plate format and never looked back. I had lamb tacos last week. Awesome! If in Alameda, check them out, they’re doing a good job.

Today’s best person of the day

This dude fought the law and won. What are the odds? Nearly insurmountable. Nobody beats the tax man…except old Charles. We raise a glass to you tonight sir. You are one smart mofo!

[youtube OYn5hxeFt10]

I was gambling in Havana, I took a little risk

[youtube PBVIwO5n9hk]

[youtube ek3jAkx9m10]

Allow me to whine a little. Actually, we shouldn’t be whining. We should be screaming. We should be screaming at these people who are so out of touch with what happened that it’s criminal. Skip a vacation? Manage a budget? Buy a clue! If I didn’t personally see LO’s lie to their clients about the loans they were receiving, if I didn’t personally see EO’s turn a blind eye, if I did not see people signing loan papers that they had no business signing, that would be one thing. But I saw it all first hand. I know how we got here. I was chirping about this in 2005. And I was right. Executives turning a blind eye to the practices in the communities in favor of profits. Or maybe they didn’t. Maybe they didn’t know enough to see where the scams were being run. The bottom line looked great and what else do we care about in this ADD society? It don’t look so great now eh boys?

The riff raff is out of the business now and that’s a good thing. I know LO’s who have had zero loans go bad in all this. ZERO. I know one guy who has had two go bad in a thirty year career. Those are well qualified borrowers who have been placed in appropriate financial vehicles, by professionals. Unfortunately, there was a lot of a different sort of business going on out there over the last five years. I personally walked away from my notary commission. In California, the notary’s job is to essentially verify that the person is the person they say they are and that they signed the document in the notary’s presence. They are not allowed to interpret the documents for the signer. Unfortunately if you’re smart enough to know what the documents are saying, and can see the numbers on the app., it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out they can’t afford the loan. As a notary, there’s nothing you can do. Three years ago, no one wanted to hear that the borrowers shouldn’t be signing the loan, that they didn’t understand what they were signing. The mortgage broker wanted his commission, the bank wanted their interest, the title company didn’t want to lose the business and no one, NO ONE was looking out for the client.

The guy who bought my house and subsequently lost it in foreclosure had no business buying that house. I was ready to pull it off the market when some huckster in San Jose finally put the loan together. This jackass bought a $555k house with $500 down. And we wonder why there’s a mortgage problem? I promise you, he did not understand what he was getting into. He barely spoke English. His real estate agent and his LO took their commissions and screwed him. I don’t know how that bank could have known what the guys on the ground here did to them.

Still, borrowing money on a house is a business decision. Make a bad business decision and the shit will hit the fan. Well, the shit has hit the fan. Banks made bad business decisions and they’re feeling the pain and borrowers made bad business decisions and they’re feeling the pain. The way that the GFE’s are set up, ARMS look squirrelly on them and really reflect Fiction in Lending, not Truth in Lending.

There’s plenty of blame to go around on this one. I’m just appalled at the lack of understanding of the issue by our politicos. It’s not a matter of skipping a vacation. Personally I haven’t been on vacation in over a year. I know a lot of people who aren’t taking vacation because they want the pay out when they’re laid off. That’s why I didn’t take mine. I knew the Amateur Manager had me on his To-Do list from day one. I didn’t take a single vacation on his watch. People who were at Financial have written me and told me they had four/five weeks worth of vacation that they were saving in case they got laid off. So sorry Mr. McSame, cancelling a vacation ain’t going to cut it buddy.