I stirred my last batch of gravy

Things got a little messy over at Ted’s Excellent Title Adventure. LandAmerica/Commonwealth/New Century/Liberty CoCo County just got a little leaner. They’re light one County Manager, who decided to “retire”. Interesting timing. If you’re going to retire you don’t usually decide to do it on a Wednesday afternoon and clean out your desk on the spot. The Alameda County guy will run both counties yada yada yada. We’ve all heard this song and dance before. Wouldn’t it be nice if he took one for the team? I think he just took one. I liked the guy, but I didn’t have to work for him…

From the Peanut Gallery

EOinHell had a very interesting observation yesterday. Will NASCAR Teddy be putting copy machines in all the EO/Sales Rep’s living rooms? Actually the whole concept has garnered some interesting discussions. I’m wondering if it gets so busy that the EO/Sales Rep needs an assistant, do they set up an assistant in the EO/Sales Rep’s house? Kind of reminds me of the networking meeting on Tuesday when the agent said the bathroom had been converted to an office. How does NASCAR Teddy expect to teach the business to new EO/Sales Rep’s? Traditionally, someone would start as a messenger or receptionist, then would become an assistant and learn at an EO’s knee and after several YEARS be moved up to EO. How are you planning to homegrow’em Teddy? I guess there’s no worrying about what your rep’s doing. You are your rep. The big problem I see is the two different skill sets that are needed to do the two different functions of the job. Some EO’s are sales oriented, many are simply polite and wouldn’t drive business their way without a rep to bring it in. They may get some referral, but numbers and order are their strong suit. They are the personality that crosses every t and dots every i. Sales reps are your walking party. They don’t ever like filling out expense reports and now you want them to do escrow? This is a recipe for disaster. I can’t even begin to figure out the multitude of ways they can violate RESPA in LA with this, although it does take the romance out of equipping new real estate firms. Maybe that’s the answer to EOinHell’s inquiry. They buy the copy machine for the real estate office and just use that one!


Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Mr. First American’s arrival in San Francisco. While we love to celebrate here at PBE, in this case, after a discussion with Dearly Departed Escrow Officer, we thought it would be nice to post his resume. Here’s some lowlights. In one year he:

  • Gave away one long standing well respected rep and lost the other
  • Lost two solid EO’s to attrition (both money making desks)
  • Lost an EO who always did solid six figures (including a 300k month)
  • Thought it would be a good idea to lay off another EO because she had an opinion (ok it was because she’s smarter than he is…we should leave this part off of the official resume)
  • Laid off the guy who knew everything, probably because he was gay
  • Played a lot of golf
  • Bought a lot of lunch for people who probably never want to lunch with him again
  • Sent numerous clients to other branches
  • Explained to us that we weren’t competent to operate a fire extinguisher because we hadn’t been in the Navy. No shit.
  • Broke employment laws in the name of “company policy” (which was recently corrected after a class action settlement)
  • Lost two published title policy experts including a National Underwriter
  • Lied to the staff so much that the only certainty is if his lips are moving he’s probably lying
  • Dismantled an office that his predecessor spent years building and creating good will in only a year

Happy Anniversary. I hope you and your stuffed eagle remembered to wear your First American pin on your lapel.

Martina McBride disables all her videos so no embedding today. In lieu of embedding…linky loo. Actually other links work. File this one under “We get what we deserve”

[youtube vsiADdmoh3E]

I’m bursting with pride. Et tu?

Speaking of bursting with pride, this little speed bump has been good for Rita. Today she was out in the yard barking at something, that’s right at 5am. For the sake of the neighbors, I called for her to come in and all of her hackles were up. Then she started spinning and herding me out to see what she was upset about. She’d touch my leg, bound, spin once, head in the direction she wanted me to go and go through the routine again until I came out in the yard to check it with her. I suspect the culprit was a long gone raccoon.