Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

On the bullshit-o-meter today was off the scale. Oh hell, let’s go with a sub title.

Coconut Telegraph

The Bloodless Empire thought today was a good day to muzzle the Wine Dog. Or how about Bloodletting at the Bloodless Empire. What a bunch of unmitigated fools. OK, two weeks ago a woman with 32 years experience took a “leave of absence”, whatever the hell that means these days. Then the escrow ops walked. Combined 64 years experience out the door. Today the Wine Dog and an Escrow Officer were shown the door. Now we’re at about 120 years experience in the form of four people. Another 25+ years will walk out on Friday. Let’s go out on a limb and take a wild guess…experience matters? Not. Bangalore matters. The hedge fund matters. Experience nien, nischt, no. They called it a RIF but they’re lying and we all know it. They got rid of the two women who had opinions. The Wine Dog cannot be silenced.

Two weeks ago one of the Escrow Officers who had a monstrous desk quit. How big? Ever seen someone do $300k? I have. Yeah, she walked. Mitigating circumstance? Amateur manager. Yeah, our manager, Mr. First American was so clueless that she couldn’t deal any more so she walked. No plans to pick up anywhere, just one of those anywhere but here sort of things. Mr. First American, branch manager and epic dumb ass, calls us all together to tell us he isn’t replacing her and they’re sending her desk to other branches. Really? Because that’s how we get paid. The entire office saw through this charade and were understandably worried about their jobs. (Not the Wine Dog, well known to be the Alfred E. Neuman of the title business) Work came to a standstill and the office was in total turmoil. Mr. First American, epic dumb ass doesn’t acknowledge that this might be a problem for any one and carries on doing whatever it is he does. Personally, I think he spends the whole day reading the First American website, he’s a crappy title officer in addition to his managerial incompetence, so I don’t know what else he can do…maybe he’s playing Dungeons and Dragons all day. Anyway, finally on Friday one of the EO’s (our other dearly departed) asks him about it and he gives her a bunch of bullshit Psychology 101 answers. I guess they might teach that stupid shit in the Navy or something. He’s just as bad on a sales call. Then she goes on vacation. The following Wednesday, after the other TO goes home for the day and while three other people are out on vacation he holds a meeting assuring us that we’re all going to be fine and nobody’s going to lose their jobs and they are going to try and keep the business and yes, they are looking for a replacement. I knew he was lying. He’s a lousy liar so it’s easy to know when he’s lying. The paperwork had to have already been in on the two of us. And we’re somebody dammit. The now dearly departed EO has been a manager so when the HR hatchet showed up she looked up her time and today was entered in for her. I looked mine up and mine was entered in as well. Everyone else was as they left it. I was first, but I knew it was coming by then. I’d gone to coffee with a sales rep and had done absolutely nothing on the nightmare Community Development file on my desk. As a matter of fact, I probably moved some shit around that shouldn’t have been moved around. It had 17 recordables. I wasn’t finishing that bad boy if I didn’t have to. They called it a RIF. The dearly departed EO was rolling over $100k every month this year. How the hell do you RIF that in this market? Liars. They were shutting up the squeaky wheels. Good managers don’t want to be lied to, they want to be told the truth. If you do not allow for an environment where the truth matters, you deserve to reap that crop.

So I’m done with the Bloodless Empire. I will be telling stories that I’ve kept quiet over the next few days. There are some skeletons if you just know where to find them. In the interim, today’s Worst Person in the World (with a nod to Keith Olbermann) is Randy Sierra, Amateur Manager.