Sometimes you’re going to lose it all

Today’s bike ride didn’t go anything like how I planned it. Something I ate yesterday did not do me well and this morning was a lot of things but fun wasn’t one of them. I didn’t get out until 8am. Original plan was to leave at 6am. Rita didn’t wake me up at the usual 4:15 because I wore her little red butt out yesterday. Then I woke up and OMG. I drank some excess water at the house and realized that it was 54 degrees out and not improving. And the wind was blowing. When I left it was 57 degrees with wind out of the SSW at 17 mph, with gusts. My hips have been giving me beaucoup problems. I feel like my legs are going to fail on me. I decided it was too dangerous to go down Ygnacio so I chose a different route. It was still scary with the gusts and I was fighting to get some speed on. I got about 10 miles in and then I started getting a dehydration headache. I had been working on the electrolytes early in hopes of undoing the damage, but it wasn’t working. Then came the rumbling from down under. Sometimes you just need to know when to fold’em. I didn’t do the 72, I turned around at a little under 16 for a total of 31.31. Interesting number. Time in the saddle 2:31:14. Average mph 12.4, which considering the wind and my health, I’m happy with. Actually, considering my stomach and the troubles with my back, 31.31 is nothing to complain about. Calories burned 1366.

[youtube l-dtcdle984]

Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name

I decided I needed a day not working on the house or any of the other plethora things I have to work on. I received Dogworks newsletter and it mentioned Doberman United. A group of Doberman owners that meet up for play dates. Beauregard never went to too many dog parks. The attitude towards dogs like him changed noticeably after Diane Whipple was killed. That has really been the change in the Bay Area. Next, dumb ass Jackie Speiers trotted out her dangerous dog legislation. So if something goes wrong at the dog park, it’s the Doberman’s fault. The instigator could be a and probably is a Boston, but the Doberman will be to blame, unless a Rottweiller is present, in which case the Rotten Wheeler is to blame. Bottom line, for a number of years during the middle of his life, it wasn’t worth it to take him to the dog park. Jackie Speiers is the same reason a lot of title people are out of work. She must be stopped. Anywho, back to our story. Doberman United’s mission is:

We are a California Bay Area group that is dedicated to the socialization and responsible ownership of our dogs. One of our biggest goals is to challenge the public’s perception of the Doberman breed. We believe that education about the breed is crucial to counter the breed stereotypes that the general public holds. Our actions, in collaboration with the Doberman Pinscher Club of America-Northern California branch strives to ensure that this majestic breed is not targeted in Breed Specific Legislation-which could potentially ban the breed in many areas.
Our group meets monthly and plays. We focus primarily on building a sound Doberman through ongoing socialization. A properly socialized dog can be placed in a myriad of different environments and maintain a cool, collected demeanor. As such, our dogs regularly attend community functions and act as ambassadors for the breed.

I wholeheartedly support that. So yesterday I went down to the Niles Dog Show to meet up with the group. Neat people. Neat dogs. I can’t remember them all, but I do remember DeSoto, Lukas and Diesel. Red Dobes abounded yesterday. I can’t remember the name of the boy who had the same coloring as Rita. It was cool. She’s really darker than most reds which is one of the things that really struck me about her. She did very well with a lot of dog stimulation. Niles is a cool little place too. It’s part of Fremont, but it really shouldn’t be. It should be it’s own town. Niles was the original Hollywood. Many silent films were made there. The town hasn’t lost it’s feel. There aren’t monster homes in Niles. There’s little old houses from a hundred years ago. Niles Blvd. itself still has the old town feel. It was a good way to get away without really going to far.