Looking out at the road rushing under my wheels

It’s time for google keywords of the weak week.

  • jocelyn saenz
  • fat ass kamela (I’m not sure how you got here from there, but I am amused anyway)
  • pink photojournalism
  • do flowers grow on graves (I don’t know)
  • he died because he had no honor (that would be Sgt. Santiago…and Alliance Title)
  • gopfrich cabernet sauvignon 2000 (I had to look that up on my site to remember that, oh yeah, I didn’t like it)
  • ? how many seeds in peet pot for watermelon & cantelope (don’t know, I don’t even know if my cantaloupe came up)

Public Service Announcement

I just got this from the EDD.


Now I’ve been back to work since February 2007. If I were really still unemployed after all this time they would be sending this to my new address in the refrigerator box under the 680. The last time they did this, which coincidentally would be the last time I lost a job, was 1981, during…you guessed it! The Reagan Administration. Coincidence? You be the judge.

I think some of the issues with my legs have to do with the fact that my shoes are too old. I don’t like lifting in running shoes, although I was just wearing a pair of running shoes that had run far enough. So I stopped by Shoe Pavilion and got a new pair for Rykas. They’re running shoes, but not the high tech la-di-da ones that can’t lift weights. I do a little light running, some jump roping and lots of elliptical trainer work along with my lifting, and these seem to have the right amount of lateral support. And a pretty flat (no jagged edges) sole. And since judi can show off her new shoes, so can I dammit.