Lead me to my next incident

Yesterday was a little messy out there.

Landam/Santa Clara Co -3 .
Financial Pruneyard/Campbell branch 2 and maybe Milpitas.
Chicago was planning on 3 or 4

A PBE Public Service Announcement

Because that’s how we roll. It might be time to reiterate the PBE job aids. Get signed up for your EDD immediately. Do that online. Jobs in the business are posted here, but it’s painfully quiet over there. You can be guaranteed that they’re paying half of what you’re worth. Look for corporate real estate coordinator positions if you’re on the title side. Those are the guys that vet the title work for new locations. Every chain store and restaurant has a department like that. Chevron’s real estate department, for instance, is always advertising something on their website. I think the dude that embezzled from the Parks Dept. spoiled that gravy train for the rest of us, but utility companies, anybody like that has a real estate department. If I were on the escrow side, I’d look for work as an asset manager for a lender. They’re maxed out and the properties just keep coming. I heard something about a regulation that says that banks can’t hold more than 30% of their portfolio in REO property. I haven’t been able to find the rule any where. What I was told was that this reg was why it seems like the spigot is turned off and then all of the sudden the market is flooded with foreclosures again. Anybody that knows for sure I’d love to see the code. Another option is getting your paralegal cert. I know you can get them at Cal State. It’s an easy transition for folks in our business, the pay is decent and the work is interesting.

Designed to send me to the moon.

Dolphyngyrl likes to poke at the sleeping tiger. She offered this inflammatory morsel yesterday. Yeah, that ticked me off. But doesn’t the guy look a little like Nick Nolte?

I’m a little banged up and I can’t seem to get things to settle down. The band in my hip that gets tight and hurts all the way down my leg won’t settle down. Usually a trip to the chiropractor, which occurred on Tuesday, settles it down. I’ve been stretching it out every morning and evening on the foam roller and doing various stretches during the day and it just won’t settle down. Ice has been applied, I’ve gone for walks, tried to not sit in my chair at work for too long of a period in a row and nothing. I’m not doing any hills on the bike tomorrow, just maybe gentle grades…and hope for 72 miles. And my left shoulder for the first time in a long time is being a punk. I actually had to pull out some ice at work yesterday. I think it has some fluid in it. I woke up yesterday morning and before I sat up there was an enormous pop. It moved better after that, but it still needed ice. I know what everyone is thinking. And I’ll rest when I’m dead.