Desperation’s causing me to question every single word you say

Smartest guy in the room

A colleague was in the office for an event in my office yesterday. When it comes to this business, I’m one of his biggest fans. This dude just has that sixth sense about title that you don’t see very often. Once upon a time, I had heard that he was a lawyer in another State and never bothered with the California bar. I never asked him about that, but it could be true. He is a truly nice guy with a feel for this business. Once upon a time I got a call for an expert witness. My suggestion was him. We were at different companies at the time, so I called him to let him know I dropped his name. His response? “That means a lot to me coming from you.” And that meant a lot to me. Yesterday he was in a “back in the day when I was young” mood. He named the six guys that he started out with. Five of them are now underwriters for various companies. All started in the same room, at Western Title, back in the day. All now either excellent underwriters or retired. There aren’t rooms full of guys like him any more. You have to wonder what the future holds.

Speaking of Crystal Balls

I read an interesting article by Brian Brady over on Miamism. I love those guys. He blames Greenspan for creating easy money and the mess we’re now in. I don’t agree. Just because the money’s easy doesn’t mean you go out and spend it like a sailor on a $700 drunk. Granted the accessibility of funds allowed the housing market to run up somewhat, but the availability of silly money is what created the rampant over pricing and in the end, the mess. I don’t agree with most of Brian’s take, but it’s still interesting and full of facts…and I love facts. Neither candidate seems to have anything intelligent to say. McSame says “We can’t let this happen”, although it did happen on Republican watch. Obama points the finger but offers no solution either. It’s interesting also to see Bernacke saying the economy is in the crapper, while Phil Gramm is telling us it’s all in our heads. Don’t y’all think that maybe a conference call is in order? You know, maybe get your story straight? Or at least tell the same story from the right side of the aisle. Hint, it’s in the crapper.

Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug

I had a lousy workout this morning. I just didn’t have any mojo. My pecs are really sore from it and I didn’t even finish it. One of the things my acupuncturist was working on was getting my sleep pattern straightened out. I’m back to sleeping most of the night, so I should be stronger. Not so much today. I saw my chiropractor yesterday and generally that means the next workout is epic. Not so much today. I’m not sure what’s going on, maybe it’s the strange yet cool weather we’re having…

And if you’re dork sided, stay out of my house.

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