I’ll take those long nights, impossible odds, keeping my back to the wall

Google key words of the weak week.

  • pictures depicting protection against sin (not here Sparky)
  • how do you cancel the evil pink bunny’s rocket launch. (you can’t.  you can only hope to contain it)
  • ass clowns 1 (we are the #1 ass clowns)
  • Loki Doberman
  • patty hauptman mercury denver (I like her on the Budweiser hot seat)
  • london broil as a dog training treat (I see we’re acquiring an upscale following.  I eat the London Broil around here)
  • munchenhausen (this has been going on for a while, but it’s funny how Reisner used this as part of his justification for choking the life out of his ex-wife, burying her and lying about it for over a year)
  • state of california vs. alliance title  (I need some new info on this one)