The emperor is naked today-o!

It’s all fun and games until the FDIC comes in and shuts your ass down. Now this is going to leave a mark. I’m sure that’s just more signs of the mental depression. What’s more interesting is that Phil Gramm remains co-chair over at the Short Bus Express. Or that McSame said back in April that he didn’t know that much about the economy and then brought on Phil Gramm, who doesn’t seem to know much about the economy either. Today brings either a case of bad memory or pandering. In his book (and the tv movie) he says he named the Green Bay Packers offensive line when asked who his squadron mates were. Today in Pittsburgh he says he named the Pittsburgh defensive line, which may be indefensible. The Iron Curtain didn’t come together until after McSame was home from Viet Nam. So either he’s lying or has a really bad memory. Both traits I look for in a POTUS. We had a very interesting discussion going on at work. Basically, we know here in the Bay Area things are better than the entire rest of the country. And it ain’t that great here either. At what point do these asshats wake up and realize they have driven the country into a depression, ran up a bunch of debt for a war in a country that has asked us to leave, ransacked the Treasury and pretty much bankrupted the damned thing? The people can’t afford gas or food which is also skyrocketing, or insurance which is off the hook or their adjusting mortgages. Wages are down, not up and we have to wonder, does this thing adjust or come to a screeching halt? The only business we’re going to have left here is sales, lawyering and service. No GNP. Is that any way to run a country?

I may be the smartest guy in the room. I started growing my own food before the cost of everything really went through the roof. If the critters will just leave it alone and let me harvest life will be grand. Here’s a spaghetti squash…I’m pretty sure at least.


A pretty cool zuchinni


And I suspect this is a watermelon.


I also have a yellow crook neck but the picture didn’t come out.