In the middle of the road you see the darndest things

Life has been a bit of an adventure as of late. Work has been a certain flavor of hell. Every day is a full on food fight. Upper management abounds, Captain Queeg strutting around with his jacket and his eagle pin on. It’s exhausting. With every clown in the universe riding BARF in the morning I finally have to get my shit together and get out the door on time or 1) I won’t find parking and 2) I’ll stand all the way to San Francisco. Nothing has gotten me out the door on time until now. This morning I was running a little behind. It was 90 in my bedroom when I went to bed. It cooled down to 86 over night. I have very few functioning brain cells remaining. So this morning I put the orange juice in the pantry and the oatmeal in the refrigerator. Luckily I had to return to the fridge for something and realized the swap before something bad happened…in the pantry. I also picked a bunch of romaine lettuce for dinner tonight and left it outside on the picket fence. I realized that screw up about 8:15 this morning when I was making coffee at the office, in San Francisco. It was compost when I got home. Anywho, I’m flying out the door and I’ve been leaving Rita in the main dining area so she has access to a lot of water, which she wouldn’t in the crate. The difference was I forgot to close the french doors. I came home to a very warm house (since the door was open all day) and this:


I have no recollection of seeing a happier dog either. She spent the entire day running the yard according to HER schedule. She managed to poop in my garden. She even still had water left. I don’t believe in leaving dogs out during the day, but a screw up worked out today.

Building a body for life

I’ve been perfect on my food for a couple of days now and it’s paying off. It is possible to eat properly and eat well at the same time. Here we have ahi seared with a jerk rub, some gnocchi and sauteed asparagus. Totally works.


For some ridiculous reason I didn’t ride yesterday. It was only 103 when I got home 30 minutes late yesterday. Today I got here on time to enjoy 107. So I waited 45 minutes until it cooled down to a tepid 105 and took off on my bike. I melted.

  • Time: 1:10:42
  • Ygnacio 10:04

I got my ass handed to me. Oh yeah the air quality is orange or red or nightmarish. You can’t even see Mt. Diablo unless you’re on top of the thing. This is the only ride this week. I’ve got 68 miles this weekend. I’ve got to decide if it’s Saturday morning or Sunday morning.