I can feel the magic floating in the air

But forget about breathing around here.  We’re on our sixth Spare the Air day.  The smoke is so thick you can’t see the top of Mt. Diablo unless you’re right on top of it.  I’m just happy that BARF isn’t free today.  BARF has been some form of Kentucky Fried Hell for about a month now.  Trust me, ridership is up at least 20%.  Trust me.  If you aren’t first in line or catching the ghost train, you’re standing.  It’s full of people who aren’t used to taking BARF and apparently don’t know how to behave on a train.  They’re the self absorbed bastards that waited until gas tickled $5 a gallon before they decided to get out of their cars.  I guess I shouldn’t expect this self-important type to know how to behave in a civilized manner.  Still, here’s some hints:

  • Cross your legs at the ankle or not at all.  It’s not your living room, there are other people on the train.  Be considerate.
  • Keep your legs in your “personal space”.  Gentlemen: your balls really aren’t that big, you’re fooling no one, stop it.
  • Fold the paper over in half.   Once again, it’s not your living room.
  • Farting.  Never ok.
  • Ipods=good.  Singing along=not good
  • Gentlemen: always give up your seat unless you yourself are disabled or elderly.  Period.
  • Backpacks: Always remove them and place them on the floor at your feet.
  • Never, I mean NEVER stop at the top or bottom of the stairs or escalators to decide where you’re going or retrieve the handle of your roller bag.  Get out of the way.  Get the HELL out of the way.
  • Speaking of escalators, stand right, walk left.  EVEN IF THE TRAIN IN THE STATION ISN’T YOURS.
  • And thank you for riding BARF

I’m building a Body for Life

I’ve been lackadaisical about the eating aspect of the BFL program.  Not terrible, but not great.  I have lost seven pounds this year, but I realized over the weekend that my goal, the fiftieth birthday is quickly approaching with the original goal probably unattainable.  So since it’s 12 weeks away, I’m bucking up and getting on this.  I’m just not so sure if I’m going to ride tonight considering the air quality.  I lifted well yesterday morning.  If I don’t ride tonight, I’ll workout inside.  It’s currently 86 degrees in my bedroom, at 5:03 a.m.  It hit 103 here yesterday and 105 is predicted today, which probably really means 107ish.  Not a happy time trying to sleep without air.  Air-conditioning is with out a doubt the next big expenditure here at the Farm, unless something I need breaks.

Coconut Telegraph 

Mike Mueller over at Lenderama is reporting that Indymac is done, kaput.  Mike is usually spot on and he backs it up.  I would hope not for the sake of all of those Diablo guys who ended up over there, but they did assign out my mortgage this month and Mike’s got emails…

Today’s Worst Person in the World

Not only did this guy kill his wife, but he put the County of Alameda through a ridiculously expensive investigation and trial that dragged on for months and included bringing his children back from Russia to be on the stand.  Then at the last minute after the jury convicted him and the judge is about to sentence him, this little shit stain decides to show the police where his murdered wife was buried.   He easily has already cost the County millions.  You pathetic piece of crap.  Thanks for wasting all of those tax dollars.  Now do us all a favor and hang yourself in your cell.