Our house is a very, very, very fine house

Rita is just about to weight now. She is well muscled, great tone, just still kind of lithe.


What you can’t tell from the internet is that she is small, undersized for a Doberman. She’s more the height of a border collie. But her ribs and hips don’t show and she’s got massive haunch muscles from chasing critters all day. She did awesome yesterday with the Fourth of July. They blew up more shit here than they did in the old neighborhood. The old neighborhood was pretty much a hood. Those clowns shot off guns. These guys had the real shit. The stuff you have to go out of state to get. They were blowing up crap until around 11pm last night. Having lived in the pseudo hood for the last seven years and then Oakland before that and then San Francisco before that, the loud bangs make me nervous. I know they aren’t guns up here, but after twenty years of it BEING guns, it still makes you a little uneasy…after three hours of it. Rita on the other hand, slept like a baby. The air smells like sulphur this morning.


Things are coming along nicely in my little garden. The squash are growing beautifully, and I have green tomatoes that will hopefully make it all the way to being edible tomatoes. The lettuce patch has been feeding me for two weeks now. Two weeks of walking PAST the lettuce at the store. That so totally rocks. There’s romaine in the middle and butter on the outsides.

Ride report

Yesterday was a stupid ride. Stupid for a plethora of reasons. The original ride looked like this:
That didn’t happen. I got to Acalanes and after about a 1/4 mile I saw Glorietta on the left, but it said “No Outlet”. So I thought maybe it came into Acalanes again and started up Acalanes. It was really steep and I wasn’t sure that it was going to go through either. I should have printed the map. I was on the right path. But it looked desolate, so I went back down and started up Glorietta and it was stupid steep and may have had no outlet. I decided to cut bait for this ride and headed back down to Danville Blvd. Stupid stupid stupid. Yesterday was still the Fourth of July and Danville has one of those only in America Fourth of July parades with the horses and the old cars and the high school band, and yeah, it goes right down Danville Blvd. I knew about it but forgot when I made that turn. I would have been better off lost in the Orinda hills. I tried to get over to the Iron Horse Trail but hordes of people were walking seven across on the trail. It was dangerous and counterproductive to my ride. I got out of there as quick as I could without tipping over from stupid people. It was nerve-wracking. I didn’t get my typical toe cramp until I was back by the golf course and I decided to work it out at the base of Ygnacio and not try it with my toes on fire. I had finished my HEED and taken another gel but nothing was relieving it. (I even added salt to the HEED yesterday in hopes of staving off the toe cramps) I hit Ygnacio full of piss and vinegar and got up it in 8:42. Shaved about 30 seconds off of the climb. Ride stats:

  • Time 3:46:13
  • Distance 45.93
  • Speed 12.1

I didn’t break any land speed records but that wasn’t the point yesterday. If I had done the ride I had planned it had some vicious climbs in it. The back side of Papa Bear is not for the weak hearted. And there was a terrible head wind for the first half of the ride. I came back to Walnut Creek at a clip of around 21mph, so with the average, that’ll tell you how bad the wind was.