Well word gets around in a small, small town

Last month, while I was sleeping pinkbunnyears.com had a birthday. FWIW it was June 8th. Yesterday, pinkbunnyears.com passed the 100,000 hit mark. I couldn’t be more pleased. This blog spun in a different direction than I was expecting it to with the collapse of Alliance Title and the “mortgage meltdown” and everything else tied to that mess. It was supposed to be a Body for Life blog…with an occasional rant, and the adventures of Beauregard. A year later, Beau is gone and I have a new dog I wasn’t expecting. I still basically stick to Body for Life but I’ve only lost 7 pounds. (OK, I know I have too many “free” moments.) I’ve bought, remodeled and moved into a new house…that I still need to paint. And most importantly, I’ve gotten up some corporate asses and pushed them into doing the right thing. That makes me happy. Oh yeah, and they got up my ass and I’m standing up for what’s right and that makes me VERY HAPPY.

[youtube JJwGT9T2t-g]

So, thank you to everyone who drops by here. A special thank you to the Usual Suspects who stop in and make this such a fun blog to run. I know I can’t wait for our next ice cream flavor.