Left alone with big fat Fanny, she was such a naughty nanny

At the risk of having so little today that I might have to flash the girls, I have a link from OldTitleGuy that I think is rant worthy. He’s always good for getting me going.

I have noticed in the last few days that Rita has finally got the weight on her properly. Her ribs aren’t sticking out and her hips are now covered with some meat. It’s been a long hard fight getting that dog up to snuff weight wise, but we’re finally there. I switched her food again to Nutro Ultra and I’m supplementing it with cottage cheese (that was actually Beau’s cancer cottage cheese that he never got to) and ground chuck. I was just remembering yesterday when I took her down to the Mt. Diablo Dog Training Club two days after I got her. Rich, one of the assistants took one look at her and said “Take her back home” Rich, she’s going to be fine, just trust me on this. Her tail was tucked, her eyes were wide from all the other dogs and she barely knew what to do. We graduated seven weeks later. She wasn’t where she is now, but her tail was up, her eyes were bright and alert and she was a different dog. She used to cower and sometimes if I raise my voice she’ll just hit the deck, but for the most part, she’s a confident young dog now. As soon as the next cycle begins, I’m going to get her into the first rung of Obedience Ring training. I think she could be very good.

Yesterday I did a crossfit workout.

  • double unders
  • clean/squats
  • dips
  • double unders

It was a butt kicker. I’m off for a powerlifting workout now with an hour of cycling tonight. Monday’s time was 1:07, two minutes off of the previous 1:09. I’m praying for no wind tonight and see what kind of time I can really post.

I’m hearing there’s bloodletting over at Dinty Moore. The final numbers aren’t in yet, but it’s not good.