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    When Moses went to Cameron’s house, let my people go

    It’s been five days since I hurt my back.  Today it was considerably better when I got out of bed.  I’d say it’s 30-40 percent better than it was Sunday morning when I had to force myself out of bed to feed the dogs.  It took four hours, four Advil, four Tylenol and a bag of ice on Sunday for it to loosen up enough that I could move, two and a half on Monday, about an hour yesterday and today I’m moving okay and I’ve only been up about 45 minutes.  Not great and not without pain,  but okay.  I had to stand through half of class last night,…

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    All the celebration and the stress

    I’m on serious waivers right now, in just about every aspect of my life. I’ve been told not to lift for two days even if I feel better. Currently, I do not feel that better. Although I have a Chateau de Brandey Bordeaux, which is not the Holy Grail of Bordeaux. It’s not Plonk of the Month either. It needs some time, that’s for sure. Thankfully I bought two bottles of it at $16.99 for the first a nickel for the second. Deep ruby color is deceptive. There is some sour cherry, dark chocolate going on with this one. It’s got a bunch of 90’s which I think is too…

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    Now I got mortgages on homes, I got stiffness in my bones

    I’m pretty sure it’s the S/I joint I blew in my back. The pain is excruciating. I did this once before back in the mid 90’s. It was also a period of extreme stress in my life. I’m sure it’s exacerbated by the fact that my chair at work isn’t right. I’ve asked them to do something about it several times. I finally gave up back in September. By Thursday my hips are in a constant dull pain, but I’m the only one that seems to care. I discovered yesterday that it will loosen up over a period of hours. It’s impossible when I get out of bed. I can’t…

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    Sometimes it hurts, so badly I must cry out loud

    I did a ton of deadlifts today. A set of 4, two sets of 3 at 70 percent, six sets of three at 80 percent. The sixth set of three, last rep didn’t go so good. I’m pretty sure I blew my S/I joint. I’ve done it before and it hurts like this. It will be over a week before they can touch it to fix it. It’s that bad. I’ve been icing it all day. I’m hoping I can ride my new bike tomorrow, but I realize this might be a pipe dream. Last time I did it, I couldn’t even tie my shoes. I’m hoping that it’s not…

  • Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

    But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

    Well, I totally jacked my back this morning.  The last set of deadlifts resulted in I don’t even know what, but I’ve got a bag of frozen peas shoved down my pants now.  And the rant will have to wait.  In the interim, I present this week’s favorite google searches. ass clown haiku (had to be looking for PBE) exempt employees escrow officers (that can’t be good considering the next one was…) Stephen R. Cornwell rizla pon the sweet dep line fnf fundamental precepts coco county peckerwood (blink blink) Atlee Hammaker Little bloody pink bunny poem Alliance Title gets sued and last but not least “John Harrit”

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    A smile on my lips and a hole in my head

    I have a friend who tells an antidote about children. They have a room. In the room they put the child from each family who is the oldest. In the middle of the room is a piece of paper with some instructions on it. The oldest children will pick it up, delegate and execute the instructions. Then they put all the middle children in the room. They pick up the paper and talk about who would like to do what and be sure that every one is happy. The youngest will leave the piece of paper on the floor, never even picking it up. I’m an oldest child. I see…

  • Title Insurance

    Gonna get a little crazy just because I can

    Here’s something you don’t see every day. What’s even stranger is the location is San Jose. Who could possibly need help finding an Escrow Officer these days? Really. At that point do you want to work for the guys that can’t find an EO in this market? Actually, a job’s a job in this market. Go for it, my San Jose sisters. It’s raining, which is about time. There ain’t been no April showers around here. I think that might wreak havoc on May flowers, but I don’t know all the rules behind that. What’s important is that I’m wiping down dog feet that are covered in mud again. That…

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    Pour me a cold one and oh, by the way…..

    What do I like more? Cindi McCain’s recipes from the Food Network or the fact that John McCain doesn’t think the middle class in this country are getting crunched? Tough call. Either way, they’re underestimating this country. Or if you ask our President we’re misunderestimating the country. I really do not understand why the Republicans are throwing this guy out there. There were better guys in the beginning. This weekend on Bill Maher he opined: You know that since George Bush has become president, gas has basically tripled in price. Now, Bush is an oil man. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’m just saying that if we had elected Colonel…