Well she lit up the sky that fourth of July

I need to announce the winner of the Easter Contest.  Sonofabun is out because he didn’t actually take that picture.  It’s kind of like he waited until some guy called in sick and finished some pig sitting on his desk and took all the credit.  While we appreciate the kiss ass spirit, no cigar.  The winner is the sword swallowing Monkey Bunnies.  Because we always give credit to someone else at PBE for your work, I’m going to take credit, because there’s nothing better than the manager taking all the credit for something you did.  Congratulations,  dolphyngyrl you’ve just greased my next promotion!


PBE and the Wine Dog are everywhere.  The Hauptmans were spotting in the Golden State last week.  Patty, I’m so sorry we missed you.  How ’bout stopping by Campisi and signing that shitpile of checks that aren’t any good because you raided the Alliance Title Company coffers?  Yeah, the Pilatus can set down in San Jose.  That’s ok, we’ll see you at the Insurance Commissioner’s hearing.  We all now know what your business practices are, we will be asking the Commissioner why they’re allowing you to conduct any business in the State of California after your performance with Alliance Title Company.  The part about taking care of our customers and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out will always be my favorite.  You never thanked those Alliance Title Company people for the sacrifices they made for you.  Shame on you.

Feeding Rita

I’m working on a new program for the little girl.  She was getting just about the best food out there and her little ribs looked like this:


So I switched to a little bit cheaper food, at the suggestion of a lot of folks.  She’s now on Nutro Natural High Activity.  (it’s a preparation for hunting dogs)  I’m adding a satin ball at night and for her middle meal she’s getting a little recipe the old man cooked up for her.  It’s macaroni and cheese with potatoes, spinach, raw chopped up chicken, raw ground chuck, and raw eggs.  She loves it.  I’m hoping in three or four weeks to start seeing some meat on this little dog.  On one hand, I’m very worried about her inability to hold any weight, on the either hand, her coat is awesome, her eyes are bright and she plays like there’s no tomorrow.  Hopefully the new regiment will solve the problem.

The Wine Dog is drinking…

A little too much the other night.  A Sunset 2003 Barbera, a lot better than his Zinfandel, a lot more complexity.  An Imagery Malbec.  Go buy this wine now.  It’s just an amazing wine.  They did an awesome job with it.  Serve it with a roast, something heavy, it can stand up to it.  I wish I had a case of this stuff.  A Charles Mitchell something or other, a Granite Springs something red and a Smoking Loon merlot I think.  Smoking Loon is another project like Plungerhead of Don Sebastiani and Sons.  This is a Three Loose Screws project, Plungerhead is The Other Guys.  Not a bad wine in the bunch.