We haven’t had that spirit here since 1969

My cousin and his wife have stopped back by on their way home from Australia.  They look tanned and relaxed.  And exhausted from the flight.  They are fellow devotees of the Heat.  So when I was watching Bobby Flay’s Throwdown with the Nigel the owner of Ripe in Mt. Vernon, I was all over that.  They did Jerk Ribeyes, Nigel kicked Bobby’s butt.  Nigel’s recipe is on his website.  I had to do some substituting because we are on the West Coast and it’s March.  So no Scotch Bonnets, I used jalapenos.  No Ajicito peppers, I used yellow bell, figuring it was a well flavored pepper.  No Jamacian thyme, I used regular thyme and I added cinnamon and ginger.  I should have taken pictures.  For some reason my steak didn’t get a nice crust on it like it should have, but both of the other steaks were beautiful.  Excellent marinade.  I’ll do this one again and again.  Jerk spice calls for a Zinfandel.  I opened a Sunset 2002  Ledgewood Vineyard.  It was a little thin on one hand, but on the other, it was perfect with the jerk spice.  Everyone can take solace in knowing the Wine Dog is drinking again!  

A little bird told me that Financial Title Company is shifting their pay days around.  Since today should be a payday over there, it should be interesting to see what everybody gets when they arrive to work today.  They pay on the 7th and the 22nd like Alliance used to.  Today is a pay day at the Bloodless Empire, but they pay every other week.  Let J. Rockcliff know there won’t be any donuts on Wednesday.

I got a bunny from the Radical.  I’m going out to get some bunny pictures of my own today.  Fire up your cameras and balance some stuff on your dog’s head because there’s nothing better than a PBE contest!

Side note:

It’s clearly the time of year.  I’ve gotten a ton of visitors looking for a template to make bunny ears for their dogs.  I’m sorry, there isn’t one here.  I was even going to be a sport and post a link, but I can’t find a good one and truth be told, I’m just not that crafty.   Still, I hope you enjoy the nonsense that goes on around here, we’re a fun group.  Y’all come back now, y’hear?