You let no strangers wait, outside your door

I love this town. I really do. Monday was St. Patrick’s Day and they close down the street in front of Harrington’s Pub so all the punk stockbrokers can get themselves shitty by 3pm. Street vendors sell green mardi gras beads and stupid hats that will be soaked in green beer and swept into the landfill by dawn. And all the homeless bums come down here to panhandle. Monday’s favorite was the guy in the wheelchair chasing everyone around with a sign that said “Give to the United Negro Pizza Fund“. I’d seen that one before, but it always makes me laugh. A guy plays the pipes down at the corner of Bush and Market. He was playing on Monday. That evening the guy who plays sax at the Embarcadero was playing Take Five. This is a great town.

Today is the fifth anniversary of the attack on Iraq. It is a food fight on the streets. I work across the street from the Federal Reserve. This morning seven people chained themselves to the Federal Reserve. It took 75 Federal cops to arrest them. That’s going to leave a mark. Streets have been blocked intermittenly all day. Sirens have been wailing all day. The sit-in in the Abu Gharib jump suits and hoods was creative. It will just keep building as the day drags on.  As of 5pm over sixty were arrested and the real march doesn’t start until 5pm.  Because annoying commuters is the best way to get politicians to listen to your concerns.  Helpful hint, if you want a politician to listen, annoy a politician.

Via the Coconut Telegraph

The hearing is temporarily off tomorrow.  They have their files mixed up at the Commissioner’s office.  More news as it comes in.  Via the rumor mill I hear that Financial Title Company in Walnut Creek has to PAY CASH for their morning donut runs.  (really the spreads they buy for real estate office meetings)  Come on Ivy, we know you used to be the Controller at Alliance Title Company.  How could you have forgotten to mail the check?  Or is there no money?