We drank a toast to now

I want to rehash a comment from a day or two ago, just because everyone doesn’t have time to visit back to catch all the comments…(try RSS)

Info-one, who really is Info-one sometimes rang in with this:

Everybody who filed a claim with the state check your mail, the State is doing what they should and good news they are informing us that they have in fact filed litigation against Alliance Title Co/Mercury Companies, Case No. 07-63600ML and want as much evidence as possible from former employees for unpaid vaca, incentives and non reimbursed expenses.
Patty,Jerry, and Johnny H, Instant Karma gonna get ya, gonna knock you on the head

Just wanted to be sure everyone was on board.  Time has passed I believe for the class action against Financial Title Company for unpaid overtime.  The settlement is pretty decent.  We all know, or should at this point, that the Hauptman’s shut down Alliance Title Company, or rather let little Johnny Harritt run the SOB into the ground so they didn’t have to pay the LandAm judgment, or fight it any more.  The fact that they were able to stiff 1200 employees 12 days before Christmas was just icing on Cruella DeVille’s cake.  The Insurance Commissioner has found Alliance Title Company insolvent, which I believe was deliberate.  What the Commissioner needs to know is that they continue to do try and do business in this State under the guise of “Virtual Escrow”, Financial Title, Lender’s First Choice, Mercury Exchange Company…are you getting my drift?  Bankruptcy rumors continue to swirl around Mercury Companies.  It’s time the Commissioner protected the citizens and workers of the State of California against Mercury’s unscrupulous business practices.

But wait there’s more!

David Feherty, CBS’s golf analyst was hit by a truck while out on his morning ride in Dallas.  Three broken ribs and a punctured lung.  Don’t ask me why I had to get this article from the Canadian press, but I may keep reporting every case I hear of just for the sake of awareness.

But can you cut a chicken?

This morning I had to go to the DMV with no appointment.  That is an hour of my life I will never get back.   I was there long enough to notice all 19 of the March of Dimes signs, the Don’t Smoke with your Kids in the Car campaign, the be an Organ Donor sign, but I did not see one Don’t Run over Bicyclist or Watch out for Bicycles or Share the Road sign.  Seems like the DMV would be a good place to start.