I guess I found out for myself that everyone was right.

I commented earlier this week, briefly, about a horrible accident that occurred in the Cupertino hills. Unfortunately, some stuff just doesn’t go away easily. She raced for Third Pillar, he raced for Roaring Mouse. I didn’t know either, but I know tragedy when I see it, and this is an terrible tragedy. The shear violence of what happened to these two cyclists is really unfathomable to me. It’s been on my mind all week. There’s a lot of radical cyclists out there, that’s true. But there’s a lot of people like these two athletes. A bunch of them come to this blog from time to time. And I can’t imagine anything like this happening to them, or me for that matter. We can ride safely and be careful to the point of compulsiveness, and it may not save our lives. In this case, the guy who’s job it was to serve and protect, failed them miserably.

Today I’m putting up a test. It’s brought to you by the folks that run the Transport for London. (and my buddy judi who sent it to me)


Yeah, me too.