Once you were big in a world that’s small

I feel like I’ve been writing about title insurance forever, but it’s only been a few days in a row. So let’s have some fun…at Patty Hauptman’s expense. Think she’s coming to California next week? Let’s see, big trouble at little Financial Title Company, but she probably will just send attorneys. Wonder if she pays THAT bill.  Big Big trouble at the Insurance Commissioner’s office.

atc-002.jpgatc-001.jpgatc.jpgCLICK THE THUMBNAILS. You know you want to.

The Wine Dog would like to thank one of our gentle readers for forwarding this little gem. I didn’t even know this proceeding was, well, proceeding. As you read it you will note that it is open to the public. For those of you in the Bay Area, 45 Fremont Street, San Francisco is the Embarcadero BARF stop. It’s also a block from the Wine Dog’s day job. Sounds like a party to me. Last time I talked to a California Insurance Commissioner, I was at a political event at the Coliseum. The A’s were playing and I’d already been there too long. And then he appeared in front of me. It was like an omen, angels might have sang. All by himself stood John Garamendi. So, in all my beer fueled glory, I stuck out my paw and said “Mr. Garamendi, how are you?” After a few niceties, I blurted out “When are you going to do something about Fidelity Title. They’ve screwed up the entire title business. They’re a bunch of burger-flippers really”. I’m sure he was impressed. Maybe not. Two years later Fidelity paid a huge fine and I’d like to think that he got back to Sacramento and told a staffer, “some drunk slobbered something about Fidelity Title, could you see if there’s anything to it?” Anywho, I’ll take suggestions on how to impress the Insurance Commissioner that the Hauptmans should never be allowed to conduct business in the State of California again, while safeguarding the jobs of those poor souls who still work for her here. Talk amongst yourselves….ok, do you think there will be a John Harritt sighting?

A different Yelp!

Little Miss Rita has been spending too much time barking at squirrels. Way too much time. To the point that if I didn’t get her broken of it Animal Services was going to be out here and then we’d have to have the why aren’t your dog’s licensed discussion and at some point you just need to tell the government enough is enough. They’re microchipped, tattooed and both wear tags. They’re never out off leash. It’s just one of those things with me. I did it when I first moved out here, but then it lapsed and it cost so much because I let it lapse that I never did anything about it. Now it’s a big ol’ snowball sort of thing. Anyway, Miss Rita is the proud recipient of an Innotek No Bark collar. Proud, not happy. It’s got a little LED that goes on when it’s activated. I put it on and she didn’t bark at first, apparently there were no squirrels to alert on. For about 45 minutes she didn’t bark at all. Then all of the sudden a flurry, only it was bark-discontented groan-quiet, bark-discontented groan-quiet, bark-discontented groan-quiet, BARK BARK BARK YELP silence. She had spun around in mid air, (as it goes up a notch each time she barks) and tried to escape her own hide. It might be a short learning curve.