And like a fistful of sand, it can slip right through your hands.

On the Coconut Telegraph

Finally, a trickle of good news for Alliance Title Company employees. There really is a lawsuit filed by the labor commission on your behalf in Alameda County Superior Court. The defendants are Alliance Title Company and Mercury Companies. Maybe a gentle reader who’s not working could slip over to the court and get the Wine Dog the docket. I promise to use it for only evil.

I think Friday is the deadline if you’re part of the Financial Title suit. As much as she would like to, or infer that she can, Patty Hauptman has no access to who steps up in this case. They cannot ever know you were involved with a third party claims administrator. Just sayin’.

Is Financial Title Company moving into old Alliance Title sites? I find that hard to comprehend when Alliance quit paying the rent way back in December, but maybe they caught it up on those certain sites? I know they burned quite a few sublessees. Bad business, bad form Patty. Yeah, they took deposits and rents and never paid them to the landlords. Patty, did you and little Johnny Harritt think they weren’t going to call those old numbers they had trying to collect the rent? Those people you screwed out of their vacation and commission and notaries have enjoyed those conversations with their former landlords… then they called the Wine Dog. And while this is old news, the calls I got from Bay Alarm reminded me of the vandalism that happened to that one branch. For the old title guys you’ll appreciate this, especially since you all remember Title Insurance and Trust Company, and it’s acronym. They vandalized the Alliance Title Company sign so it said “All Tit Company”. Godblessem. That’s up there with getting drunk and cutting the company sign in half with a chain saw. God I love this business.

The sign said long haired freaky people need not apply

My boss got me an inbox. Isn’t that sweet you might say, but I don’t believe that was the flavor. You see, we’re a little slow too. I have exactly three things on my desk. A huge deal that Alliance screwed up and I’m unwinding but I haven’t received the corrections from NY yet, a very interesting project that requires me to go to the courthouse and search the MacInerneys, and a policy, that is now done. That’s it. But according to Mr. First American, you can’t tell where to put new things on my desk. How about handing them to me, and I’ll just do them? I don’t like inboxes. It’s where things go in and never come out. It’s a stack of shit that doesn’t get done. It’s unhappy customers on the phone and me rifling through things I never noticed because no one handed them to me. If I’m not there put it in my chair. I have to at least touch it and take some ownership before I can ever place my ass back in my chair. So put it in my chair, that’s fine. I’m a member of the clean desk club. I don’t like clutter in my office and I’ll work like a dog to do everything so there aren’t piles of crap laying around. So in my mind, an inbox is counterproductive. But now I have one. So on Friday, I will get the biggest queen we have in the office and go buy ribbons and bows and flashing lights and an Easter bunny to decorate my new Big Gay Inbox.

You may think this is funny but it’s snot

I’m finally getting a little better. I had to go buy more bourbon tonight. That made me scratch my head in all sorts of ways. Generally, I’ll go through a bottle of bourbon a year. Yes, a year. I have gone through three fifths since August. So I stopped at Lucky tonight, because it’s my corner store, although I’m starting to hate them as much as I hated the old Lucky. Jim Beam (don’t say it. I just like Jim Beam. I don’t like Jack and I won’t put single barrel in a hot toddie) in a fifth was $16.99. That seemed awfully high for Jim Beam. It’s not great whiskey, I just like it when I’m sick. Jack Daniels was $16.99 but I don’t really like it, but I know I might have guests who would drink that on occasion and the lemon and honey would hide what I don’t like about Jack. No one else wants Jim Beam…ever. But the half gallon of Jim Beam was $19.99. What kind of math is that? Should I have gotten drunk before I went to buy liquor? Maybe it would have made sense then. So like the title officer I am, I got the half gallon. Of course I did.