You miss too much these days if you stop to think

Talking about the end of the world

An alliance made in Hell? Guess which two usual suspects have joined forces to return their “special” brand of title company to the Bay Area? Need a hint? How about another hint? OK, the last time I saw the guy he was driving a Hooker-gold Mustang, diamond in the back, sunroof down, diggin’ the scene…yeah, that guy. I hear that since it’s Easter there’s going to be a resurrection, the American Title brand lives! For the love of God why can’t you people keep a secret? It’s like Halloween 43, Jason and the Unholy Alliance. If you see dirty footprints and the smell of, well, zombies, you know who it is.

I took the money, I spiked your drink

Since I’m still sick, the Wine Dog is drinking bourbon again. I’m actually officially now out of bourbon. I was talking to a senior paralegal today. The lady might be the best I get to work with, she’s awesome. She heard my voice and told me that she wouldn’t call back today and I should go home and take whatever it is I take. I said, I like a nice lemon and honey tea with a generous shot of bourbon. You’re a bourbon drinker, she hooted. Yes, ma’am I am. Me too, I like Jack Daniels but one of the attorneys in NY sent me a single barrel and that’s just yummy. I bet it is…and that makes me like you more.

And since I’m still sick and have lifted weights exactly once since February 25th, it’s pretty apparent that I’m not lifting in Sacramento. I might go up there and give Scott a hand, but I’ll get hurt if I try to crush my existing 215 record, which brings us to other goals. This was/is originally a Body for Life blog that got derailed by the injustices served up to my colleagues in the title industry. (and a bunch of shit that makes me laugh)  My life, however, wasn’t that derailed and I’m down ten pounds towards my fifty pound goal. Translation, forty pounds to go. And trust me, this isn’t why I’m so sick. Stress is why I keep getting sick. My disease infested friend who gave me this little gem called today all apologetic, but truth be told, neither of us knew how sick she was or we wouldn’t have spent half the night trying every wine in both of our cellars. Truth be told, it’s the first of the eight viruses that I’m not pissed off that I got. It was inevitable and I had fun getting it or at least getting drunk why it was swirling around my last remaining healthy cells.

He’s got an interstate runnin’ through his front yard

For some reason, unbenownst to me, I decided to start paging through RESPA’s website today.  Here is their suggestions for avoiding foreclosure.  I realize that RESPA is a function of HUD which is part of the federal government, but shouldn’t the first tip be to, oh I don’t know, PAY YOUR FREAKING MORTGAGE?  Now I realize that if you were recently laid off by say, The Bloodless Empire or the Evil Empire or Ted’s Excellent Title Conglomerate you might miss a payment, but we know you have to make a payment.  How about all those people who got loans they never could afford?  If they couldn’t figure out they couldn’t afford it, should you at least remind them to make the payment? 

Bad idea doesn’t become a good idea

Over here at the Bloodless Empire, we’ve got a wage freeze and a hiring freeze and the usual corporate machinations that go along with posting a big friggin’ loss.  However, you have to wonder, if they weren’t outsourcing all the business to India, would they have needed to up the reserves by $137,000,000?  And if you toss that $137,000,000 back to the bottom line, the Bloodless empire posts roughly a $69,000,000.00 profit in Q4.  So it’s safe to say my annual is under one of the shells that Parker Kennedy is shifting around on the ironing board.  I know that Bill and Ted have their own shell game set up just around the corner.  I have to wonder, at what point do these guys look to the East and  say “That’s enough” and bring it all back here?  The ratio is adjusting disfavorably.  Ted’s Excellent Bollywood Adventure went down there and offered the staff premiums to come along with him.  That drove the cost up.  Then there’s the guy who dumped all of FIS’s information raw onto the internet (not illegal in India) because FIS wouldn’t meet their demands for more money under the contract.  At what point do these guys figure out what we all already know?  And will it matter?  They need to stop running our business like a casualty insurance business and run it like the business it is which is title insurance.  We insure everything leading up to the transaction.  Not anything that might happen going forward.  Existing conditions, that’s it.  We are in the risk assumption business.  When you consider the cost of retaining counsel these days, $2500 for title insurance is cheap.    As title professionals, we need to stand up for ourselves and our value.  We bring something to the table that they can’t get in Bangalore or from a computer program.  We interpret the record and catch the thieves.  We protect the public.  We’re the good guys.  When is somebody going to figure that out?