I was hit by something last night in my sleep

I’ve got stuff rolling around in my head, but I’m fighting off the 8th virus since August, yeah, eight in as many months, and I just can’t get all my thoughts collected. I have no recollection of a period of time when I’ve had this sort of trouble. Even the first year I played rugby for Cal, after my pancreas gave out and I caught every bug the came by, I didn’t have these sorts of problems. (And I got this while taking Mona-Vie) If nothing else, it’s a great commentary on what stress can do to the body. Last year I beat every one of these, this year, I get it. Fun fact: July was the arrival of the new manager in our unit. So this morning after spiking a fever all night, I’ve got nothing. I haven’t gotten any new title dirt, I don’t even know what the dogs are doing, I’ve got no palette so I haven’t had any wine and I haven’t been to the gym. I can’t even deal with the dogs, so they’ve been given giant rawhides and relegated to the dining room.


I don’t know why she lays half on and half off the bed. Little dork dog. I spent some time over the last few days trying to get some advise to get some weight on her. What I found out is that I’m doing everything right, she’s just burning it up. Some of the better suggestions included a spoon of petramalt, Solid Gold food (kind of like Evo only hotter and $5 more per bag…a lot when 28.8 pounds of Evo costs $52) adding freeze dried food to her food, adding tripe or mackerel to her food, adding things that they give working dogs, adding working dog food (also tripe and mackerel) OK, so the more it stinks the better off she’ll be. So I have a bag full of samples and we’ll see how the week goes. I’d sure like to just get enough meat on this little dog that you can’t see every single one of her ribs AND her hip bones. Five to ten pounds would be awesome.

On the other hand, I met a woman yesterday who had a surgery go bad.  It was a minor surgery, but as it went bad, it required more surgery and more surgery.  Three years and eight operations later, she had lost her business and  if they hadn’t been able to sell the commercial property her business was housed in, she’d have lost that too.  It reminded me that a hack or a chest cold or a fever really isn’t that big of a deal, it’s just annoying.