You make it easy to be strong, with just a little love

Everybody’s talking about Monavie.  I tried it out.  I suspect for someone who isn’t as in tune with their body as I am would reap benefits from the product.  I didn’t notice much difference.  The stuff costs what $35 a bottle or something.  I’ve got to go back to my wine adage.  How much love do I got for it?  That Robert Keenan Spring Mountain Chardonnay at $25 a bottle?  I got $25 worth of love.  Freemark Abbey’s Bosche at $52 (wine club price)?   Yeah, I got that much love.  Even that Kendall Jackson Chard that costs like $16.99 a bottle at the supermarket, I got that much love.  While I enjoy the idea of using a shot glass at 6am, the love just ain’t there.  I notice the benefit of the little multi-vitamin I take.   I got a lot of love for a one a day.  I notice the Vitamin E I take, and the Glucosamine supplement that I take.  And the 1600mg of Advil it takes to keep my rickety old knees functioning.  And this stuff is the shiznet.  I just didn’t notice a difference with the MonaVie.  It may have to do with the fact that I do already take a bunch of supplements.  Probably if you don’t really take care of yourself and don’t take supplements, you’ll notice the difference.  Probably noticable, it’s just that I’m pretty in tune to what’s up.  So for me,  I got no love.