I want to ride to the ridge where the west commences

The Wine Dog’s been busy.  Saturday we went to Corison, Keenan and Chappellet.  There’s your day with not bad wines at all.  We had the latest Corison 2004 Cab and the 2003 Kronos which I think is one of the great California cabs.  This adventure was no exception.  She’s also got some second label stuff that they were tasting.  It’s pretty darned good as well.  Helios is the second label (sorry no links) a great merlot and a damned good Syrah.  Next stop Keenan.  The good news, they paved the road up there, all the way.  It used to be about half and half.  Our driver didn’t want to get gravel on her new toy, but the Wine Dog will do anything for a great wine.  The chardonnay will blow you away.  It’s a good as a Rombauer with out all the over the top nonsense.  And without the  Danville Housewives Crack surcharge.  Well priced excellent chardonnay.  We left with five bottles of it.   Last stop, Chappellet to run through their line.  We must have been on a chardonnay binge.  Their signature chardonnay was amazing.  So much so that we left with some of it and then cracked a bottle when we got back.  That night’s offering, with BBQ salmon included a Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon, a Rombauer Chardonnay, a Chappellet Chardonnay and I think we opened a Keenan too.

The damned fence, redux 

The good news is I only had to replace 42 feet of the fence.  (instead of 72)  The bad news, the clown the installed previously only put cement on three sides so that’s why the fence snapped.  The really  bad news, he sunk it about 30 inches down.  After digging two of them out at about an hour a piece, we moved the posts over and dug new holes on the remainders.


My cousin is here visiting with his wife.  I thought they were going adventuring in San Francisco, they haven’t been to California since their honeymoon almost 30 years ago.  They aren’t, so he helped me, which took a tremendous amount of stress off of the situation.  He could have gone to the orchid show with my Brother and his wife, but he chose digging fence post holes with me.  I am thankful for that which I do not understand.  Today the three of us are going to hang the new boards and that stress will be gone.  Tomorrow is my stress echo and hopefully I’m back in the gym by 10am tomorrow.

I’ve got some great title dirt I need to vet, as soon as I’m done we’ll have a big ol’ food fight.