Uncle Willie wasn’t selling but a little gin

I went to the cardiologist yesterday.  He was a cool dude.  I didn’t end up going to see the guy who was a runner and did the annual Double Dipsea.   I’ve run the original Dipsea once.  It was so hard I didn’t even beat Walt  Stack, who was or 81 or something like that at the time.   It was an honor to meet the guy.  Anyway, that guy’s office didn’t return a phone call for two days, so I ended up seeing a guy at the Contra Costa Cardiovascular Medical Group, Dr. McWhirter.  The guy comes in wearing running shoes and socks with skulls and crossbones.  Yeah, you’re my kind of guy.  We talk about what happened and he says “Well, I could put a holter on your, but I doubt I’ll catch this in 24 hours.  So I could put a four week monitor on you, I might not catch it then either.  I could make a little incision and put a thing about the size of a pen cap under your skin and monitor you for two years.  But the last time this happened was thirteen years ago, so I could very well not catch it then either.”  I’m thinking “Wow, you got a lot of cool toys since the last time this happened to me”.  Then we get to my favorite “how much do you drink” line of questioning.  Per day is a hard number, basically, I go through a bottle of wine or so in a week.  Some days I don’t drink at all, some days I have a glass of wine.

then it would be safe to say a drink per day.

Yeah, it would.

We Doctors like that number.

I drink red wine too, you guys like that.

We do.

So on Tuesday they’ll do a stress echo to be sure that there’s nothing hidden in my cold dark heart and I’ll be good to go again.  He thinks the whole thing is benign and brought on by stress.

So, to keep the Doctors happy, I’m going wine tasting today.  Today’s stops are really part of the normal wine tour, nothing new or unusual.  Robert Keenan to pick up a shipment and show my friends what an awesome place it is…and maybe get mud on somebody’s new Mercedes.  Freemark Abbey to pick up almost a year’s worth of shipments and have some great wine.  Clos Pegase to pick up two shipments and check out some awesome art and finally, Chappellet to pick up some wine and enjoy one of the few days you can just drive up there without an appointment.  I might detour them into Corison just her style and quality fits right into the theme of the day, and she’s my favorite winemaker.