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    There’s a whole generation with a new explanation

    I love this time of year in San Francisco. The sky is such a shade a blue it’s hard to imagine another metropolitan area in the world that is this beautiful. (Paris can be) Today was one of those days, beautiful blue skies, ambivalent clouds, warm sunshine and the things that make the City, the City. Like the crazy guy doing some sort of expressionistic ballet at Front and Market. The shoe shine guy laughing at the face I made trying to duck the dude. I wonder what happened to my old shoe shine guy Randall. He would always talk about the Giants and he loved him some Barry. Barry’s…

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    To the Lord, praises be, it’s time for dinner now let’s go eat

    Rita’s new diet has been going on for a week now. She gets a cup of food in the morning with kefir on it, a cup in the evening with the special mixture my Dad made (raw chicken, raw ground chuck, raw eggs, macaroni, cheese, spinach and potatoes) and then another cup at 9pm with a satin ball mixed in. She thinks it’s peachy. Beauregard thinks she’s a little bitch because she gets a 3rd meal he doesn’t. He’s been a little attitudinal about it all. The biggest thing is that he will bare his teeth in the evening if she tries to get between him and me. In truth,…

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    And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too

    I nicknamed Sonofabun the Junkman. He’s been doing REO’s and has been doing a bang up job on them. Every time a house sells, I just grit my teeth because I know what it’s doing for neighborhood values. Sometimes it’s driving them back 5-7 years. But it really shouldn’t, because what a bank owned property sells for may be the market value, but it may not reflect the rest of the neighborhood. You’ll never figure that out by looking at realtor.com or zillow.com or any of the other real estate website. And trust me, Sonofabun will put his Sunday best when he posts the listing, no matter how nasty the…

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    It’s a long long road, from which there is no return

    Today’s Chronicle had this little tidbit. Thomas had a deep voice, full beard, chest hair and even signs of male pattern baldness, Dr. Margaret Weirman testified. Oh yeah, and she was getting a shave when the tester showed up. Bad form sports fans. And she testified that she wasn’t doing steroids. Really? I love the part where she weighed 50 pounds more than she does now. Today, also in the Chronicle, Scott Oster suggested that the Giants added to their staff by subtracting 240 unwanted pounds. Pretty harsh on Mr. Bonds, but that just comes with the cloud of suspicion that hangs over him. Power lifters get tested too. Somehow…

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    It just doesn’t seem to make sense

    I use Search Engine Optimizers and counters and all sorts of bells and whistles on this site. I know roughly how many visitors I average, blah blah blah. That’s how more and more people find PBE. And more gentle readers equals more dialog and more fun all around. One of the reports I get is google keywords. So for the sake of David Letterman, here’s my top ten. get a life, unemployed, self absorbed bitch Doberman Pinschers Bunny Ear template Bunny ears for dogs Loki’s world Doberman come on somebody why don’t you run should have been dead on a sunday morning pinkbunnyears ajicito pepper munchenhausen by proxy What’s not…

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    Well she lit up the sky that fourth of July

    I need to announce the winner of the Easter Contest.  Sonofabun is out because he didn’t actually take that picture.  It’s kind of like he waited until some guy called in sick and finished some pig sitting on his desk and took all the credit.  While we appreciate the kiss ass spirit, no cigar.  The winner is the sword swallowing Monkey Bunnies.  Because we always give credit to someone else at PBE for your work, I’m going to take credit, because there’s nothing better than the manager taking all the credit for something you did.  Congratulations,  dolphyngyrl you’ve just greased my next promotion! Sighting PBE and the Wine Dog are…

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    Occupational hazard being my occupation’s just not around

    Sometimes I come up with a line that I can just work every which way.  I started with a pirate theme today.  You see, at 4:15am today, Rita decided I needed to get up.  She is no longer relegated to her crate at night and now sleeps in the bedroom.  She decided the best way to wake me up was to step on my face.  Of course, she’s a dog and I’m a person and her dog foot slipped off my face and caught on my earring.  (which REALLY woke me up)  I checked the earring as much as you can at 4:15am right after a dog steps on your…

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    Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign

    The Brother put this on his blog and because it’s so important, I’m linking to him this morning. These dog toys need to be pulled off the market. They’re dangerous and Loki was lucky. It’s a PBE public service announcement. I now return you to our normal lunacy. <——-click on Where the Pink Bunny roams for contest photos

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    It is time for you to laugh instead of crying

    I did a little research the other night, because that’s what us title officers like to do. Did you know that the price of a gallon of gas in 1998 was $1.07 average per gallon. On January 20, 2001 it was $1.57. Today it’s $3.65. That’s over 300% inflation in ten years. Did your salary increase 300%? Housing has tripled in the same period of time, now with the pullback at around 15% in these parts, it’s still up over 200%. Did your salary double in the last ten years? If you live in California, a kwh of electricity cost .115 cents in 2001. Then Enron came to town. Now…