Bodies strewn across the dead end street

Holy CRAP! They said around $50 million.  $67,500,000.00 lost in Q4 2007.  My head is spinning.  I think Radical wins it at $63 mil.  I know dolphyngryl came in some where around there, but I can’t find your comment.   They’re running this thing like the Federal Government.  Wowwie. Talk amongst yourselves. (seems like a bad […]

It’s strange what desire will make foolish people do

Paroxysmal tachycardis of uncertain nature. That’s a long day at the office. Well, I got a fine how-do-you-do yesterday morning at the gym. I work out with a heart rate monitor, because knowledge is power after all. And last month I had a sub max test so I know where my ticker’s supposed to be […]

Put the lime in the coconut

Needless to say, I have alerts set for Financial Title Company.  This one just came in.,2933,332776,00.html#5 Leave it to Faux News to blow a story.  It’s in foreclosure.  It will be foreclosed when the sale takes place on the courthouse steps on March 18th.  (And what a lovely courthouse that Santa Barbara County Courthouse […]

Saturday night and you’re still hangin’ around

I decided to make yesterday my free day. I gave blood, which I normal do every eight weeks or so. Since I’d had one head cold after another, I hadn’t donated since October. One of the EO’s I work with is married to a firefighter. On Monday she told me about this accident that had […]