They’re preoccupied about mismatching their socks

The rain is back and that’s just not good.  I’ve spent the day trying to get the PBE Mac to lumber back to life.  And listening to Rita alert that there is a squirrel in the perimeter!!  That will make your brain bleed after a couple of hours.  Any solutions for off the hook prey drive are extremely welcome at this point.

I’ve got a bet with a friend (who might even read this) on our Body for Life progress.  Not great for me when you spend a week down sick.  She’s probably kicking my ass right now.  It’s a journey not a race, so we’ll see how we’re doing in March/April, whenever this ends.   I did some cooking today.  I’m prepared, and we all know failure to plan is a plan for failure.

I’m sorry there aren’t any Wine of the Day posts.  The Wine Dog’s palette is still funky.  I missed the Sonoma Winter Wineland.  While this may be painful for some of you to look at, it was brutal for me.  Freemark Abbey called wanting to know where I’d been and I had to say “I’ve been sick for freaking ever and haven’t been up there”.  When the wineries start wondering where you are, it’s time to make changes for your health.  So I’m trying out some of that Acai stuff.  I didn’t get it at that site, the link is just for information.  It tastes fine and supposed to cure everything from head colds to shingles to ED.  Those sorts of claims always worry me.  So to hedge my bets, I’m off to juice some oranges a friend let me pick yesterday.  With them being right off a tree I hope I can find some health and keep my job.