If I had the chance, I’d ask the world to dance

So far this weekend hasn’t gone according to plan, yet somehow, it’s gone well.  I decided to not fight with Seeno over the fence and just build the half fence that was already on the agenda.  It’s going midway through the yard.  It’s purpose is to keep the dogs out of the vegetable garden and away from the fruit trees, neither of which are currently planted.  Now I know where the raspberries will be planted.

I did a Sub-Max heart rate test yesterday.  I was a little nervous since I’d been so sick all week, and while I felt better, I didn’t feel great.  Still, I had pretty good oxygen and came out with the numbers I thought I was going to.  Max HR 190.  191 and I vapor lock.  Best number for cycling is 133, apparently it changes according to sport, but my heart still pops at 191.  I think I’m going to wear the Polar more than I do currently.

Rita is coming along nicely and if my Mac hadn’t taken a powder last night, I’d have lovely photographs of my little girl.  I have one more test to run before I’m off to see a Mac tech.  Blee.  Her little butt hits the ground when I say sit.  She walks at an almost perfect heel and she’s getting the automatic sit down pretty good.  The counter surfing is another whole issue.  I was getting ready to have some toasted nan and hummus and watch the game today when I heard a noise in the kitchen.  There was Rita with a hunk of nan running away.  She doesn’t get into trouble for much, since it’s obvious that she’s been beaten in her previous life, she got in trouble for that.  Generally raising my voice is all I have to do.  I raised my voice, took it away from her and banished her out of sight.  I might has well beaten her with a stick, she was crestfallen. 

And the Neti pot is an adventure in and to itself.  Who knew your nose worked like that?  But on the other hand, that thing works wonders.  Four paws up on that one.  I’m still not 100% but this was the worst cold I’ve had in years.  I stopped by a friend’s house yesterday and picked fresh oranges to make juice.  That was what got me through riding BART last year, maybe someone else’s trees will get me through this year.  I’ve had enough.