Educating Rita


What a sweet little nose that is!


And she looks so sweet sleeping.  Unfortunately, today while I was at work, she ate the bicycle pump you see behind her.  I really wished she had cracked some of that cheap ass Lockwood shit on the fire place, but no dice.  Instead, she got hold of….


That was my tire gauge.  It is no more.

Munchenhausen by Proxy Wiederbesucht

I am sick again.  It’s the fourth head cold since August.  Coincidence?  Nein.  Two stomach viruses, four head colds, it’s no coincidence.  So I’m light on dirt tonight.  Please feel free to add you own spin.  I’m working on a rant against the Evil Empire, certainly one of my favorite targets, but for now, I’m sick, I just had a double shot of Jim Beam Black in some hot water with lemon and honey and I’m hitting it early.  Anybody know the keyboard shortcut for an umlaut?