Prayin’ it’s the weather, that’s kept him out all night

Well, talk about a good old fashioned ass kicking. Try 70mph winds on the 12th floor. The rain actually comes through the sealed windows. They had to board up the entrance to my building today because the winds were so intense the building engineer thought that they were going to shatter the glass. It took them almost a year to remodel this bad boy, so I can understand the concern. The wind whipped the back doors right out of your hands. There was occasional snow flakes on the 12th floor. All I could think of was my poor dog who is terrified of the wind home along. This is the first storm in the new house. Click on home improvement if you would like to see what an epic fixer upper this was. The fences seemed okay, but not good enough to handle a storm at the base of Mt. Diablo. And they weren’t. The back yard has now been expanded to include the horse property behind me. They don’t seem concerned right now. Wait until they see Beauregard nipping the heels of one of their ponies. Then they’ll be pulling out the 2X4’s and decking nails and helping out.

Loki has been running The Brother ragged. He’s a young boy, probably 11 months now. He eats anything that isn’t nailed down. Soon he will gnaw on that which is nailed down. I know of this. I owned Xica da Silva. The original Insane in the Membrane. That dog was out of her mind. Border Collie, pit bull and Mastiff. Throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball, or I will kill you, the ball and your family. Just a little intense. During the storms of 1992 she was out of her mind. She was two years old, living in the City and it had been raining for something like 54 days in a row. We were building arks. I decided to hell with it and took her to the dog park. She slipped and blew her ACL, as if there wasn’t already enough hell in my life. Try to keep a crazed dog quiet after surgery. Anyway, The Brother’s dog adventures make me think fondly of my little black dog.

xicaball.jpgRest in peace.

Tomorrow it looks like the weather is going to break long enough for me to go get Rita. I’m very excited. It will be a new adventure. She was a stray so God only knows what she does or doesn’t know. It should be extra fun with the fences down.

What the Wine Dog is drinking

Water. And the end of a couple of bottles that I started. I’ve been ridiculously busy since NYE. I’m itching to get into the wine cellar and pull out something off the hook. I don’t really have a great reason to go in there though, so I haven’t. I was going through my bills the other day and apparently I’m still a member at Trentadue, or at least they’re still charging me for wine. I’m such a mess, they may have sent it to me and I may have already drank it. I need to get up to Freemark Abbey and Keenan soon. Robert Keenan once said the the best piece of real estate he ever became involved in was the land on Spring Mountain. And he was a commercial realtor, he should know! For my money, they have the best product out there. They just don’t make a bad wine and last year, they went green. Even though they’re getting great ratings on their wines, they’re keeping the prices reasonable and that’s worth the price of admission.

Didja know?

Anyone know if Mercury Companies is still involved with Intero? That was always such a weird thing. They would do business with Financial Title Company but not Alliance Title Company. And now they can’t do business with Financial Title Company. And then there was the J. Rockcliff thing and who knows. Mercury’s website is still down and that’s just not very much fun. On the upside, they haven’t filed BK yet. They only references I can find to Alliance Title Company and bankruptcy or on the blogs and well, here at PBE, but we are certain it hasn’t occurred yet. Yet. It’s not like anyone has gotten their second check. You know, the one they promised in 72 hours.

And I’m still building a body for life

I’ve had a good solid week. I using a more traditional work out style right now. I’m going to try Turbulance Training starting next week. Because that works best with a new dog in the house. I think I’ll be cooking some of my red hot ass kicking BFL chili next week. Fire is mandatory. Wine Dog loves da heat!

And I’ve got a good rant in me again.  Subject will be outsourcing to unstable countries.