Today, I rock!

I think I rock every day, but today is special.  I’m leaving tonight for Vegas.  I have to fly, I’m pissy about that because my boss wouldn’t give me the day off.  At the end of the day there was no reason.  That’s neither here nor there for this story.  I get a call from my friend Robin, who is hoping to open a new health club with her husband.  We’re chit chatting about this that and the other and I mention the Vegas trip and how I’m hoping to punch 215.  She proceeds to tell me a story about one of the trainers has all of his clients doing powerlifting moves.  They are talking about it a little, and he tells her that he’s training them like that gal that’s there in the morning.  Robin’s little brain goes “ding”.  She knows I’m the only gal that powerlifts in the morning, or the evening or any other time of day in there.  Yeah, I’m a rock star.

Quote of the day

This seems appropriate for the way my life has been going.  From Steve W. Martin’s book “Heavy Hitters”.

Amateur Managers

Amateur managers are the toughest of all the types to work for.  While they may make a great first impression, analogous to a great first date, each subsequent date becomes more painful and frustrating.  Amateur managers may have any word catalog, but most likely they have a stronger auditory catalog and weaker kinesthetic catalog.

Yeah, amateurs.


Bay Area Rapid FUBAR was a hoot today.  Not so much.  The BARF police are on the platform as I’m getting onto the train…never a good sign.  Then they get onto my car, walk up to a sleeping bum and say “Pull your pants up!”.  You just don’t want to hear those words at 7:15 in the morning on public transportation.