Follow the bouncing ball


Who would have thought that being a wine mascot would turn out to be such a gas? Any initial dismay I might have felt has been thoroughly dispelled. I’ve really been having the time of my life. My job includes going on all the Plungerhead promotional tastings now, and people actually want me to autograph their wine bottles. And of course, nobody can explain the Zork closure better than yours truly. All of this heady adulation is more than adequate trade-off for having to wear the plunger on my head during public appearances.


Eddie Plongerheid

-Edgar D. Plongerheid, Loyal Employee

That’s what it says on the back of the bottle.  It’s a project by Don Sebastiani and Sons.  TOG – The Other Guys.  OK, the Plungerhead 2004 Sierra Foothills Old Vine Zin turned out to be a winner. Big black fruit, cherries, berries and you can smell the dirt in the wine and it’s a great little wine with pasta dishes. Or if you’re pissed off with your job.  The Zork closure is a trip, it’s kind of like having your own personal vacuum sealer or something and it sort of looks like a plunger, but it works.


I went to my Applied Release Treatment appointment yesterday. She barely weighs half of what I do and she picked me up in a full nelson and popped my cranky back. She hurt me in a bunch of different ways yesterday. I’m sore all over today so I know tomorrow will be a winner and I’ll be ready to lift in Vegas on Saturday.  I gave up the ghost, because I’m broke and got reservations at the host hotel.  I’m afraid it’s going to be a dive, but right now, I just don’t give a crap.  All I want is some loose slots Saturday night or a winner of a roulette table.  COME’ON RED 36!