Benessere is Italian for “well being”

So sayeth their website. After a couple of glasses of their 2003 Syrah, I can state that I have achieved a status of well being. Good thing, this week was the week from Hell. Now, all is good. I just wish I lived somewhere warm where I could head down to a beach right now, because Life Is Good.

The Wine Dog is drinking a Benessere 2003 Napa Valley Estate bottled Syrah. We found Benessere a couple of years ago by accident. We were on a wine tour where we could not go any where that we had been before. So if none of the three people in the car had been there, we went. Harry mentioned that they were beginning to lose their buzz when I saw the sign to Benessere. They were the best stop of the day. Really, the best. The worst was the one with the CHP where I had to follow his pen light and prove to the little Tom Cruise wannabe wanker that I was fine to drive. The pisser of the whole situation was the fact that I had hit it to get away from someone who really was drunk and here this little punk in a big boy uniform was trying to jack me up when the real drunk was heading down the 29 at 40 miles per hour in a 60.

Back to Benessere, the thought of the CHP was messing with my euphoria. They had an awesome wine dog there. A big black ol’ mooch. Great dog. Great stop actually. I came away with the Benessere 2003 Napa Valley Estate grown Syrah. It blew me away. I remember the Zin as being very good, but the Syrah being off the hook. Tonight I opened it. I didn’t pair it real well, as I was having sourdough and a brie and some chevre and some roquefort, but once I had it on it’s own I got lots of blackberries, a spice/vanilla finish with gentle tannins and a bunch of things going on that I couldn’t describe. Here are the notes from Wine Enthusiast on this wine.

Limited production (under 200 cases), but worth seeking out. Features bold blackberries accented by hints of savory dried herbs, pepper and dried spices, all buoyed by a creamy, supple, mouthfeel. The long, berry-filled finish boasts hints of coffee and vanilla. Nicely done.”

Yeah, I’m a lucky schmuck to be drinking this right now. Now there’s only 199 bottles of it left.