What the Wine Dog is drinking

Shale Peak Vineyards Tuscan di Solano. Yeah, Solano Red. One step away from a diego red. Except this is a really great little wine. It’s Sangiovese based and filled out with Petite Syrah. It’s got cherries on the front end, nice balance and is kind of floral on the finish. It went great with dinner last night. I took a Roma tomato, a clove a garlic, fresh basil and a orange sweet pepper (not bell) and sauteed them up in a touch of olive oil. At the halfway point I tossed in some red wine. Meanwhile I coated a chicken breast in egg whites then parmesan cheese and sauteed that it olive oil. Meanwhile I also cooked some whole wheat spaghetti. I took the cooked spaghetti and added it to the tomato mixture. Thin sliced the cooked chicken breast and put it on top of the whole thing. Beautiful, dinner. This little Solano County red went just perfect with it. It think I paid $18 for it. It might not be easy to find. I got it up at the Lodge in Sonoma County. They also feature it at the Suisun Valley Wine Coop. I highly recommend the Lodge. I joked with the massage therapist that me and my dog (yeah they take dogs) were going to get a couples massage. She said “Not a problem I know Tellington Touch“. She taught it to herself. OK, my life might be a little weird but that was a great adventure. My dog got to go to the spa AND he went wine tasting with me, fulfilling half of my lifetime dream of being able to conduct business in a bar…with my dog.