Meet Loki the Doberman

loki-beau-uh.JPGMy brother brought Loki over yesterday while he was driving Miss Daisy. He left him around 11am. He ran and ran and ran with Beauregard. And then they ran some more. His gait is this dorky puppy lumbering ass over teakettle sort of thing. How he doesn’t fall over is a mystery to me. Then, later in the day, he was running like a greyhound. He is a man child afterall, so sometimes he’s all growed up and sometimes he’s a dorky puppy. After about an hour of this, I decided I was hungry so I cooked some lunch. I let them continue to run and checked on them more than I checked on my lunch. The beef patty was slightly overcooked and that appeared to be the only fatality. I hooked Loki up on a lead because I wasn’t sure that he was completely housebroken in a strange house. He sat like a good boy and watched me eat. I went back out and cleaned up some of the construction debri on the patio. They ran some more, then a funny thing happened. They quit running. They were done. I was too, especially after Saturday’s adventures, so I brought them in and laid down on the couch. I massaged Loki’s neck and he slowly collapsed into a black puddle of puppy. 45 minutes later I woke up and he was asleep with my hand on him. Beau was asleep with his head on my chest and the Raiders had lost again. Sometimes you get the greatest dogs from rescue. Loki is going to be something else.


This morning Beauregard woke up like an old man with a hangover. I had given him an Ascriptin with his dinner last night. I’m about to give him another with his breakfast. He’s already back in bed snoozing. These young kids just wear an old man out.