Plumbing Redux

When all else fails, read instructions

Last night I returned to the scene of the crime. The issue when I installed the vanity was that the drawers did not come out. It made it nearly impossible to install and logically it made my head want to explode. When I got home from work, I went to American Standard’s web-page and downloaded the instructions. These turned out to NOT be the same instructions that came with the product. My instructions were missing page two, which clearly showed you how to remove the drawers for installation. Apparently the screw that attaches them to the drawer slides has to be removed. So last night I removed the screw and the drawers came right out. Do I wish I had known this three months ago when I originally installed it? You betcha. I was able to fix the major leak, but a second little drip has appeared in the lines to the faucet itself. That is going to require a little more twisting and turning than my back was ready to do last night. At least a solution is now in sight.

Wine of the Day

Since Thanksgiving is coming up, I went into the wine fridge looking for ideas to take with me next week. I found two bottles of 2004 Gundlach Bundschu Pinot Noir. I belonged to their wine club for about a year. They pummel you with wine. I think I still have a case from that year. They also have one of the most creative ad campaigns in wine. Their mailers are a riot. The 2004 Pinot has the cherries that I was looking for. It’s not a fruit bomb, it’s more subtle, and it does have some tannins. It finishes nicely with a touch of spice and cherry. It’s a lot more elegant than what we’re currently seeing in the Pinot realm these days. The other bottle will go to the hostess next week. It will be perfect with Thanksgiving dinner. (Last year I brought a Merlot)

Death march to Vegas

I’ve been training like a dog. Today I’m pretty stiff from yesterday’s deadlifts. My benching is very strong right now. I did 200 with no issue yesterday. The meet is in 16 days. I’m still trying to get my weight under control a little more. I’ve been doing pretty good this week, but one of the women I work with brought in these damned pretzel things that were covered in white chocolate and peanut butter. She is Satan. I think I will have to go to two a days next week. I’ve been coming home from work and doing Sun Salutations, with the exception of last night. They’ve helped a lot. I know you’re supposed to do them in the morning facing the sun, blah blah blah. I do them at night facing the sun rise. That’s the best I can do with the 24 hours we’ve been handed in a day to work with.