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    Today, I rock! I think I rock every day, but today is special.  I’m leaving tonight for Vegas.  I have to fly, I’m pissy about that because my boss wouldn’t give me the day off.  At the end of the day there was no reason.  That’s neither here nor there for this story.  I get a call from my friend Robin, who is hoping to open a new health club with her husband.  We’re chit chatting about this that and the other and I mention the Vegas trip and how I’m hoping to punch 215.  She proceeds to tell me a story about one of the trainers has all of…

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    Follow the bouncing ball

    Who would have thought that being a wine mascot would turn out to be such a gas? Any initial dismay I might have felt has been thoroughly dispelled. I’ve really been having the time of my life. My job includes going on all the Plungerhead promotional tastings now, and people actually want me to autograph their wine bottles. And of course, nobody can explain the Zork closure better than yours truly. All of this heady adulation is more than adequate trade-off for having to wear the plunger on my head during public appearances. Signed Eddie Plongerheid -Edgar D. Plongerheid, Loyal Employee That’s what it says on the back of the…

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    A mouse in the house

    Well, say hello to my little friend.  I caught him skittering away in the garage yesterday.  I came out into the kitchen in the middle of the day today and caught him skittering away and behind the refrigerator.  As I went to look behind the fridge, he took off through the gap under the garage door, which was haphazardly protected with a dog towel where he had made a mouse tent.  Unfortunately, he must die.  So the trap has been set as I embark on Part II of Pestilence.  Later in the day, I got out the meat slicer to slice up the London Broil I cooked last night so…

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    When I was a kid, I hated Thanksgiving dinner. I didn’t like turkey, hated stuffing, didn’t even like the smell of everything being put together. The Thanksgiving that I spent with my Aunt and Uncle (who didn’t have a niece…that’s a good family story). My Aunt knew I didn’t like turkey and they fixed me a steak. Thanksgiving was better then. As time passed, I figured out that I was going to weigh in at 500+ if I didn’t start eating turkey and chicken instead of beef. So I ordered a turkey sandwich. It wasn’t bad at all. As a matter of fact, it was pretty good. Several years ago,…

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    Benessere is Italian for “well being”

    So sayeth their website. After a couple of glasses of their 2003 Syrah, I can state that I have achieved a status of well being. Good thing, this week was the week from Hell. Now, all is good. I just wish I lived somewhere warm where I could head down to a beach right now, because Life Is Good. The Wine Dog is drinking a Benessere 2003 Napa Valley Estate bottled Syrah. We found Benessere a couple of years ago by accident. We were on a wine tour where we could not go any where that we had been before. So if none of the three people in the car…

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    What the Wine Dog is drinking

    Shale Peak Vineyards Tuscan di Solano. Yeah, Solano Red. One step away from a diego red. Except this is a really great little wine. It’s Sangiovese based and filled out with Petite Syrah. It’s got cherries on the front end, nice balance and is kind of floral on the finish. It went great with dinner last night. I took a Roma tomato, a clove a garlic, fresh basil and a orange sweet pepper (not bell) and sauteed them up in a touch of olive oil. At the halfway point I tossed in some red wine. Meanwhile I coated a chicken breast in egg whites then parmesan cheese and sauteed that…

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    Meet Loki the Doberman

    My brother brought Loki over yesterday while he was driving Miss Daisy. He left him around 11am. He ran and ran and ran with Beauregard. And then they ran some more. His gait is this dorky puppy lumbering ass over teakettle sort of thing. How he doesn’t fall over is a mystery to me. Then, later in the day, he was running like a greyhound. He is a man child afterall, so sometimes he’s all growed up and sometimes he’s a dorky puppy. After about an hour of this, I decided I was hungry so I cooked some lunch. I let them continue to run and checked on them more…

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    $22.00 worth of love

    Yesterday was a pretty nice event.  Not as nice as the Wine Road, but pretty nice all the same.  We started out at Truchard.  Tony Truchard was pouring at the tasting table.  This reinforces my theory that the best wines come from farmers.  Tony’s a great guy and Truchard wines are very good.  Wine wise, one of the best stops of the day.  Their Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Tempranillo and Chardonnay was out.  Their Cabernet Franc was their best wine, although they were all quite good.  Next stop was Folio Winemakers Studio.  It’s a fascinating concept by the Michael Mondavi Family.  Click on the link and check them out.  There…

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    Back on the Wine Road

    I’m leaving in about an hour or so for today’s wine adventure.  Today’s stops include: Adastra Artesa Winery Bouchaine Vineyards Cline Etude Winery Folio Winemakers’ Studio MacRostie Winery and Vineyards Robledo Family Winery Truchard Vineyards Viansa Winery and Italian Marketplace Nothing good can come of this.

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    Plumbing Redux

    When all else fails, read instructions Last night I returned to the scene of the crime. The issue when I installed the vanity was that the drawers did not come out. It made it nearly impossible to install and logically it made my head want to explode. When I got home from work, I went to American Standard’s web-page and downloaded the instructions. These turned out to NOT be the same instructions that came with the product. My instructions were missing page two, which clearly showed you how to remove the drawers for installation. Apparently the screw that attaches them to the drawer slides has to be removed. So last…