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    Some aftermath:

    Beauregard’s personal Dog Park My dog thinks I bought him a dog park. He might be the happiest Doberman in the State of California. Portion control I am a believer in portion control. I think it’s the key to Body for Life. I’m always amused by people who write in questioning the idea of keeping portions to fist or palm size. The best comment is “but my hands are so small”. Hey Mr. Nuclear Scientist, maybe that’s why you’re fat. So here’s a steak dinner with perfect portions. Yeah, that steak rocked. And yes, I have great placemats. More about Jesus Originally, Jesus wanted $1700 to take out the two…

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    Who needs bullies to kick sand in my eye?

    When I can do it to myself without having to interact with any bullies. As I proceed with my March on Labor Day, things have gone, so far, swimmingly. This makes me nervous. I have a card from Home Depot giving me no interest, no payments for 12 months. This allows me to remodel the kitchen now too. Yesterday they gave me an addition $1500 in credit. This frees up even more cash. Still, Binky’s Closet of Anxiety occasionally is flung wide open. What if I can’t install hardwood floors? What if the wood costs too much? What if I did the math wrong? What if Tile Guy did his…

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    Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

    Say hello to my little friend! This little guy has been sitting on the neighbor’s chimney for weeks, singing his little bird heart out. He can do car alarms. I’ve named him Tony Montana. Thank you Jesus! Before: After: It’s like a breath of fresh air. Todays weigh in: Weight 208 still…. Fat 35.8 BMI 35.4

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    Well, the maples are gone. Jesus did a wonderful job. My next door neighbor is a happy man. Unfortunately, some folks in the neighborhood thought it was their station in life to inform Jesus that he couldn’t cut down those trees. One is heaving my foundation, the other the walkway. My contractor advised me to 86 the trees. They’re gone. Sadly, a morning dove nest was up there. No live babies, but Jesus said there was a couple of eggs. I’m sad about that, but really, they should have hatched two months ago, so I don’t know that the eggs were viable anyway. The morning doves are on the roof.…

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    Hard work vs. working hard

    Demo is hard work. Soul cleansing work, but hard work. While I tore out carpet, two layers of linoleum and a layer of particle board that covered the plywood, Beau and Coco, the tile guy’s boxer, played all star wrestling in the back yard. Sometimes the demo is like a treasure hunt. Yesterday I found some really cool things. Grace, the former owner had lived in the house for 30 years. Apparently, according to the neighbors, she was a widow, but no husband ever lived there. She had done almost no work the entire time she lived there. That enabled me to have some muscle on the price, although I…

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    More photojournalism, and some musings

    I supposed it’s poetic that the Pink Bunny has a pink bathroom. I need to figure out what to do with this bad boy. It’s the second home I’ve purchased with a pink bathroom. As ugly as this is, the fixtures are in surprisingly good shape. I’m considering leaving this bathroom in place and doing the kitchen and the other bathroom, or tearing it out and building it back gradually, if the checkbook starts to wheeze. Last night I measured everything and tore out about half of the carpet. What these pictures don’t show is how badly the place reeks of dog piss. Here’s a chunk of that lovely green…

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    Down on the farm. Here’s the front of the house: Here’s the lovely 1958 kitchen, untouched by time… This rug at one point was soaked by dog whiz. It is ripe, was, it’s gone. Here is the future site of the farm:

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    Begin…The Farm

    About an hour ago, constructive notice occurred and I’m a homeowner again. I’ve bought another project and I’m so excited I can barely contain myself. The last place was Camp Dowhatchawannado. And everyone did. This place has nearly 1/4 acre of dirt. It will be The Farm. The garden will be installed over the weekend. The carpets will be pulled out, the shiteous bathrooms will be stripped and I will pray to the remodeling gods for no surprises. I can’t really afford any. I know the marvel of yet another pink bathroom will be a spectacle to behold. Photojournalism will be forthcoming. As a Body for Life aside: Weight 208…

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    About Dillon

    I am the home for wayward canine travelers. Yesterday, I went on a two hour bike ride in the heat of the day. It was easily 90 out when I left and worse upon my return. I was purple when I got home. I took a frozen Gatorade, that thawed way too quickly. At the turnaround in Danville, I was halfway through it, so I loaded it back up with psuedo-cold water. I got home and got inside and immediately got a terrible chill and realized I had probably over heated. So I drank another Gatorade and two liters of water and fell asleep. Only to be awakened 20 minutes…

  • Wine of the Day

    Napa Valley Style

    Yesterday I attended Keenan’s private party. Robert Keenan was a real estate investor in San Francisco who passed away last November. When asked to reflect on his career he said the best piece of property he ever bought was the land he bought on Spring Mountain. Spring Mountain is above St. Helena. You make a left at Madrone and a right at Spring Mountain and after about 20 minutes look for the sign on the right. Keenan is one of my favorites. GB can tell you, they’re old school. The tasting room is a barn and the juice is downstairs in the cellar. A lot of the grapes are grown…