• Body for Life

    Grape, Rattle and Roll

    This was the name of the event yesterday at Chalone Vineyards. Personally, I hate 1950’s themed events. Afterall, is there a reason for the poodle skirt? I think not. In the wine world this will also equal old guys with slicked back hair to match their receding hair line and a ton of bowling shirts because we’re all fat by this stage in our lives. The Highlands did the food and that was a boon. A little mixed up with too many different themes, but every one was well executed. I had a hard time putting the mango chicken on the plate next to the grilled sausages and warmed potato…

  • Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

    Thankfully, we left our weapons in the car

    One of the interesting facets of my job is the research. I’ve been getting to do a bit of the interesting stuff as of late. Today I went down to City Hall to pull a Macinnerny. A Mac is the decree quieting title pursuant to the Macinnerny act that was put into place after the 1906 earthquake and fire. City Hall burned in the fire as did most people’s records. The fire burned to Van Ness. So the Macs were quicky court orders quieting title. San Francisco is great to work in because of the Macs. You have absolute title in usually 1908-1910ish. Pretty cool. So away I go all…

  • Body for Life,  Bush is a Moron

    Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

    With a nod to Herb Caen: This is not how you support the troops!This morning I’m driving down Treat en route to my morning workout. As I turn onto Treat this guy behind me is totally up my ass. Strangely, I’m driving the speed limit, it’s 5:30 in the morning. One guy driving a mini-van and he guns it and goes around me and speeds off down Treat at least 60 mph in a 40 mph zone. As he whizzes by I see the “Support our Troops” yellow ribbon. Now where I come from, wasting gas because you’re a selfish bastard so my friend’s sons can risk their lives in…

  • Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

    The Argument for a Realtor

    My realtor, Bob, met the seller’s agent at the house today, along with the seller. Apparently the seller had received an appraisal last August for $580,000 on the house. Bob explained very methodically to her that was then and this is now. The market has changed and so goes the merry drunken fun fest in residential real estate. I’m a commercial title officer. Now that I’m in a commercial unit, business is business and we aren’t too affected by what’s going on in the residential world. People get so emotionally attached to property. It’s so stupid. No one falls in love with a Solar Energy plant in Nevada. I like…

  • Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

    Real Estate Matters

    After several months of trying to find retail space for my wine bar, I decided to hire a realtor to help me find a thrashed piece of property to rehab. I figured that if I worked full time at that, I could make enough per month to off set the fact that I wasn’t working at all. Well, that didn’t pan out either. We have, as of today written our fourth offer. Two had construction defect lawsuits and they didn’t have room on the price. Then there’s the guy in Lafayetteville or something like that. This clown bought the house in 1962 for $13,100. He held the house up until…

  • Body for Life,  Cycling

    Spiders as big as Buicks

    This place I’m living in hasn’t really been taken care of in years. I can see where grubs have gotten at the front lawn. (Which means they’re after the back lawn too). I saw these beetle nests when I was cutting the front lawn two weeks ago. The Deaf Guy next door was hanging around when I was fooling with them and came out and looked. He came back with some insecticide and showed me on the bottle what they were. Then I came out and found him spraying down the nest. Well, yesterday I finished the job, since I knew they were throughout the lawn. Around the garage door…

  • Body for Life,  Cycling

    Quick weigh in

    Weight 215FAT 36.8BMI 36.6 I’m off on a 2 hour or maybe an hour and a half bike ride. The wind has died down and it’s gorgeous here. Today ends one week of acting pretty damned right on my new BFL challenge. Tomorrow morning’s weigh in will be of great interest.

  • Wine of the Day

    1998 Moss Creek Zinfandel

    Every now and then I reach into the wine fridge and pull out something that amazes me. Tonight it was the 1998 Moss Creek Zinfandel. Now, I’m no dope so if I bought it, there’s something interesting about it in the first place. This thing has probably been there longer than I’d like to admit. I don’t remember when or where I bought it. I think I got it from the little place on the right of Highway 29 just past Sequoia. Or maybe at Sequoia and it was one of those places that also marketed another winery’s product. It’s got that old wine feel. Hell, I’m drinking a 9…

  • Body for Life

    Who is afraid of Virginia Woolf?

    Kathleen Turner is a lot scarier. Scary good. Bill Irwin is even scarier. He was spectacular as George. Last night, Kathleen Turner was Martha. What a great show. My friend thought the gal who played Honey, Kathleen Early was a little weak, but I thought she did a good job. I thought the guy who played Nick was a little weak and I’m not sure who played Nick last night. I think the charactor Honey just annoyed my friend. The banter between George and Martha was excellent. I’d never heard of Bill Irwin, but looking at his bio, he’s been around for a very long time and has impressive credits.…