I came, I saw, I kicked some ass!

Yesterday was an APA meet in Sacramento. I weighed in clothed at 214. Scott has added a 220 women’s class because guys like me who are just a smidge over the 198 are getting our asses kicked by these 320 women. So he made a class for us. I certainly nailed the class and possibly the entire meet.


205 -nailed

2nd lift

210 -nailed

3rd lift

215 -nailed

I was going to go on a two hour bike ride today, but my body is really tired, so I think I’ll give it a rest today.

Danger -Rant Ahead

Some poor schmuck made the assertation that AB 1634, which is the mandatory spay neuter bill in the State of California was the fault of the Democrats and their big government mentality and that the Republicans are all for personal responsibilty. So away I went:

What a steaming pile of horse crap.

It’s not about big government, it’s about issues. Turn off Fox. If there weren’t thousands of dogs being picked up by the dog catchers, if there weren’t numerous cases of dog maulings by intact animals, this wouldn’t be an issue. San Francisco has had two high profile maulings in the last few years. One was the lacrosse coach, the other was the boy killed by the family dogs while his mother grocery shopped. If the owners of these dogs had been responsible, no one would be calling for any laws and I wouldn’t have to punish Jackie Spieirs every other week.

If people would take personal responsibility for their actions, legislation would not even be considered. Personal responsibility extends all the way to the White House. Karl Rove hides emails that tell the real truth about the laws he’s broken. He needs to be a man step up to the plate and take responsibility. Mr. I don’t Recall needs to step up to the plate and take responsibility. Even Bush recalls meetings that Gonzalez didn’t recall. Either he’s a moron or a liar. Either way he shouldn’t be the AG. Republicans need to walk the walk if they’re going to talk the talk.

The natural extension of this is to ask why aren’t people taking responsibility for their actions? The answer to this is two fold and goes straight back to the Reagan Administration. The first is education. The Reagan Administration made monstrous cuts to education and health care in this country, and now, we’re a country of moronic sheep. But we pay less taxes. Whoopie! The second is the attitude that came from that era of Me, Me, Me. No one but the Reagan Administration can be blamed for that. Everyone wants what’s theirs but no one wants to contribute to the greater good. He wasn’t the Great White Hope. He is why I step over homeless guys every day on the way to work. He is why a mentally deranged young man never got the help he needed. As a society we need a safety net because people slip through. Reagan cut taxes and everyone was jumping for joy, but the average California driver spends $850 a year for damage to their car from potholes. Personally, I’d rather give the government that $850 and have the pave the freaking road properly. I’d rather spend a little money and not step over stinking sleeping crazy guys on the street every day on the way to work. Prior to 1980, did anyone see a bum on the street outside of NYC or Santa Barbara? Beyond the town bum, no, not to the extent that it’s a problem today. Look at the percentage of the population that’s ferreted away in prison in this country. Did it cross anyone’s mind that their may be a correlation between the poor state of education in the country and mental health services and the number of people in the can? We have to spend the money, it’s part of being a society. Spend it avoiding the problem or spend it dealing with the problem.

If people took care of their pets and did what they’re supposed to and trained them and fixed the ones that weren’t breeding material, and knew the difference, these laws wouldn’t see the light of day. If people took responsibility for their actions, we wouldn’t have ever seen a three strikes law.

Civil rights and personal choice being the bastion of the Republican Party? Only when it’s convenient for the Republicans. Why is this government mucking around with issues like abortion and gay marriage? There are two issues that go straight up party lines. Quite honestly the right wing Christian bullcrap that’s coming from these guys will probably cost me my life. My father is a Parkinson’s patient. Four of his siblings succumbed to the disease, yet this boneheaded President is stalling stem cell research. So while the Christian right wing pushes their agenda, based on 2000 year old writings onto the entire country, I’m looking forward to drooling on my shirt because Parkinson’s won’t be solved in my lifetime. I’m thinking about having to eat only sandwiches in my senior years since I won’t be able to hold a fork. How is that less government? How is telling some queen in San Francisco that he can’t get married less government? If the Republicans really wanted less government, then they wouldn’t care if Harry wed Salvadore.

And let’s turn for a moment to Arnold. For those of you who don’t live in the Golden State, Arnie has had a tough time here. Here’s a little known piece of information. He called Uncle Teddy the night of his win and asked “now what do I do?” Teddy told him to follow his heart and that he would do fine. Arnold didn’t do that and got his butt kicked in his little special election. Unlike the Bush regime who also just got their butt kicked, and still doesn’t get it, Arnold listened to the people of the State of California and came back to the middle, where his roots really are. Things are getting done in California now. I don’t agree with everything he does, but a conservative friend of mine was in my office just yesterday complaining about Arnold. I say if everyone is a little happy and a little not, he’s doing a good job.

And turn off Fox news and go get some facts.

End rant.

Tomorrow I’ll be in Sacramento at BodyTribe Fitness hopefully breaking the record for my age class. This mornings weigh in:


It’s been a good week with the exception of the stomach BS that’s been dogging me since Sunday. I seem to be on the rebound, so hopefully I’ll be in full swing tomorrow.

Keith Olbermann is God

OK, we all knew that. The guy was funny as hell on ESPN and then he moves over to MSNBC and hits his stride. Dude is setting the world on fire, as well it should be. No, you can’t call the VT kids an example of the wussification of America because they weren’t packing heat and didn’t fight back. They ran. They’re kids. Neal Boortz you fat overblown moron, shut up. Rush Limbaugh calling Cho a liberal and then saying that Media Matters fell for your “joke”? You drug addled sweaty pig! You need a call from Alec Baldwin. You are what’s wrong with this country. And News Flash! Looks like the DNC has hit puberty and their balls have finally dropped. Now they can grab them and have at the liars and thieves that have been running this country. Party’s over Mr. Rove. Hello Club Fed because that’s where you’re going. I don’t think Criminal Ignorance is an actual crime so Condi won’t have to do any jail time, unless she lies about something else…something beyond the Weapons of Mass Distraction. Alberto, 74 I don’t recalls equals you getting recalled. Go home. You’re an embarassment. So is the fact that 150 “attorneys” from Pat Buchannan’s law school, a grade 4 school according to U.S. News and World Reports, work in this Administration. This country wouldn’t be so stupid if not for your Great White Hope Ronald Reagan. Yes, this is his fault too.

Final approach

I’m ending a 84 day cycle this week and boy did I stink up the place. This morning’s numbers:

Weight 214
Fat 37%
BMI 36.5

OK, kind of sucky, but I’m starting to get things going in the right direction. I’m competing on Saturday at my favorite venue BodyTribe Fitness in Sacramento. I hope it’s a nice day and they open up the dock doors. I just dig that place and I like the organization that Scott Taylor runs. He’s such a low key dude. It’s a totally enjoyable experience. I should also see my buddy from Walnut Creek. She weighs in around 104 and benchs around 135 AND is a US attorney. I think she works for the Supreme Court. Anyway, she’s cool too. I’m ready to compete.

I played golf last weekend and got the award for most for your money. Yeah, high stroker, that was me. I need to get my butt to the range. Hopefully the better weather and longer days will get me going in the right direction.

Bon mots and cheap shots

Last night I had dinner with two old Title Officer friends of mine. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this stuff for 30 years. I can’t believe I’m turning 49 this year. How did I get this old? I understand when I stand up. My knees and hips creak horribly, but my mind is that of a teenager. Anyway, my friends are young at heart as well and be bitched about the business and how it is not what it was. How the kids coming up now don’t know how to search a piece of property. If it’s not in the computer, they’re like a fish out of water. We went to One Market for dinner, after having a wine flight at Ferry Plaza Wine Merchants. A beautiful flight of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. At One Market I had the Ahi, with Indian pepper spices and grilled asparagus. ST had the pork loin wrapped in bacon (pig in pig) and Toni had Beef Cheeks. I ordered us a Delille D2. Screaming great wine. I almost got the wine guy to come out and see who we were. The waiter said he had to get help finding it and then the buyer wanted to know who ordered it. Yeah, like that.

Anyway, good behavior paid off:

Weight: 214

No harm no foul.

Now on to things that piss me off. OK, so some kid is a looney tune. His parents miss the warning signs or can’t figure it out or what I don’t know. My good friend Chuck commented on the Unibomber one time. It was some big deal weather the guy pled insanity or not. Chuck remarked that “If you have a manifesto, you get the insanity defense, it’s automatic”. Crazy Korean dude, the manifesto gets you DQ’ed. Unfortunately, the way the world has changed, everyone did what they could but the law doesn’t allow them to involuntarily lock this kid up. There are no pat answers. This one won’t fit into a nice little package. Mental illness is messy. CNN should be embarrassed for the way their newscasters are acting. It’s like Faux Fox. How ridiculous is that? If you must ascertain blame, I recommend you blame Reagan. This is truly his fault. He’s the dumb ass the cut all the funds to the mental health services. Seriously. Do you remember ever seeing a homeless crazy guy on the street counting the bricks in the sidewalk in 1979? No, you don’t because a guy like that was institutionalized and getting help, or at least not getting sicker and sicker and ultimately dying on the street. Mental health services have been devastated by the Republican rule starting with their Great White Leader. You get what you pay for and if you don’t want to pay for it, you get things like what happened in Virginia. It’s time we recognized Reagan for what he was and start healing the nation, starting with the folks who need it the most, the ones who are shuffling down the sidewalk in the dead of winter waiting for a space ship to come and eat their brains. Buy a clue.

This morning’s numbers

Weight 214
Fate 36.7
BMW 36.5

Not exactly setting the world on fire, but making progress. I benched 205 for reps today, virtually effortless. My shirts are barely fitting and my pants are starting to get loose. That’s a good thing! 😉

Moving forward

I seem to have gotten my workout head in a better place this week. Yesterday went perfectly. This morning:

Weight 214
Fat 37% WTF?
BMI 36.7

I can live with the other. I ate perfectly yesterday. I hope to do the same today. I went for a long walk at lunch yesterday, but I’m going to do a short one today. Worked out hard yesterday, nailed my cardio today. I figured out yesterday was 90 days exactly from my competition in Hawaii. It gives me a good goal to work towards. I need to start hitting yoga more often so that I can surf when I get there. Cowabunga!

Last week went well, all things considered. Being…

Last week went well, all things considered. Being 48 and still cycling is brutal. I wish I could send this equipment back to the manufacturer. The weather was crappy this weekend. Better today but way to breezy to bike. I spent 20 minutes doing HIIT yesterday and then another 30 minutes on the stairmaster. Today I took Mr. Man for a hike up Mt. Diablo. Kicked both of our asses. I’m so ready to go next week.

Organic Raisin bran, 1/2 grapefruit, cheese stick, oj (from the tree in the yard of course)
Turkey Jerky
FF yogurt
Curried chicken grape salad
Apple and string cheese
Ahi, canelli beans with roma tomatos and basil grilled in a packet
Ricotta cheese

I’m no longer affiliated with SND and that will be helpful. While it hurts me not to help, some folks are a little funny with the money and I don’t like that. Get all indignant trying to get money back from DARE and you sent it without an invoice or a request? Not right. Then you want to use an entire organization as a bully pulpit? You are sauteed in wrong sauce.

Anyway, I have a lot more time, so I’m going to try to get to the gym early enough to through some cardio in as well. Then I’m going to try and alternate driving range and cycling at night. We’ll see how the week goes.

Hard Work+ sketchy eating = not much success

This office is full of things I should not eat. My weight is slipping upward, and I’m not so happy about it. It’s raining and my allergies are off the hook. Claritin and Flonase are my friends. We just closed the Savemart acquisition. It was a freaking huge transaction and they ran my ass off. I missed a couple of workouts, but haven’t missed a one in two weeks. I’m going up to Sac to compete on the 28th. I’m strong. My super powers have returned. I wish I could get some weight off. I’m coming in at 216 right now and it’s totally pissing me off. Today the office is filled with milk chocolate dove things. That’s just wrong. Before Easter it was those damned Cadbury eggs, the milk chocolate ones with the light shells and worse yet those malted milk ones. Anyway up until today, I’d been doing real well. Today got a little sideways but nothing terrible. My cycle is due on Saturday so I’m giving myself a little room. I’m beat from working out so hard. Looking forward to taking that gorgeous man of mine for a walk and taking a hot bath and hitting the hay a little early tonight.

Food has been consistant.

Organic raisin bran
1% milk
Cheddar cheese stick

Non-fat yogurt
Turkey Jerky


Red Beans and rice (with chicken thighs and chicken sausage)


Cheese stick


Chicken parmesan
ww gnocchi
Caesar salad


Blue berries.