Constant Motion

I’ve been getting the house ready to go onto the market. Unfortunately, it’s been very hard on my body. Very hard. I’ve had to move a bunch of stuff into the garage by myself and my body is very sore and I’m exhausted. I hired a painter to help finish off. I’m just tired. I’ve been eating relatively correctly.

Weight 206
Fat 35.9
BMI 35.2

I haven’t cycled since July 14 and this is getting a little old. I’m a little bloated from that and I think this might be the week. Oh my, getting old sucks.

Big Dog Style


Weight 211
Fat 35.5
BMI 35.9
Bust 43
Waist 40
Butt 47

Weight 206
Fat 35.7
BMI 35.4
Waist 40
Bust 43
Waist 39 1/2
Butt 45

Less waist, less ass. That’s what I’m talking about. If I could only get my body to settle down. No cycle since 7/14/06. The water retention is making me nutty. At it again starting…NOW.