My life so far…

Weight 209
Fat 35.1
BMW 35.6
Bust 43
Waist 40
Butt 47

Weight 211
Fat 35.5
BMI 35.9
Bust 43
Waist 40
Butt 47

Unbelievable. I worked harder, probably had a little bit of wandering on the food, but I’m not mad at myself like last time. I’ve increased my bench press easily by 10 pounds. I’ve started cycling and running. I have a swim suit and may swim today. I’m doing a better job of living my life, so I’m actually ok with the results. I did some math and I need to weight 161-165. My knees are killing me, but it’s not stopping me. That weekend up at the beach house did me good. I’m glad I got my head on straight then.

Last Monday, the 12th, my Dad fell and broke his hip. His feet froze on him, which is a biproduct of the Parkinson’s. My Mother called me around 9pm on Monday, but didn’t seem to want me to go up there. She futzed around and waiting to call friggin’ Kaiser because she didn’t want to go to emergency. The emergency room at North Bay is full of homeless people. Mom, then stop voting Republican. There were no homeless people before Reagan. And Hillary was so very wrong to want to fix the health care system in this country. Stop voting Republican. So finally 8:30 the next morning she gets ahold of Kaiser and imagine that! Call 911 and have a bus bring him to Kaiser. They operated on him around 5:30 that evening. He was stupid on the morphine until Friday morning. I thought he was getting better, but Mother can’t handle him, she’s fragile herself, so we wanted him moved to a rehab on Sat. I saw him Sat. afternoon and he was confused as hell. I saw him yesterday and he was just as confused. I don’t have a great feeling about this but I don’t know what else to do. Time will tell.

Bon mots and cheap shots

That was my favorite Herb Caan column title. And that’s today’s theme. Things that make me happy this week, the California Primary.

Dear Jackie,
You will not go to the Capital on Breed Specific Legislation, not on my watch. Thanks for playing our game, now hit the bricks.

Me and my new bike went for a ride today, it was 28 miles with my friend Javier. He told me on the way back that the route (minus the coffee and donuts) was the old test route that the US Olympic Team used to use back in the 70’s. Starting in Orinda, to Pinole, to Martinez back to Orinda. We started at 7:15, road 14 miles and stopped for donuts and coffee (today is my free day) and road back. I hit my 10 and my 11 and 12 and I hit the wall and bonked and everything else…but I finished. Some gals went by me at one point and said something that inferred familiarity with the route and I gasped, “it’s my first time!”.
They were at the end hootin’ and hollerin’ for me. That felt great.

Dear Right Wing Ass Wipes,
The Dixie Chicks are back and they’re Not Ready the Make Nice and neither am I.

And at the gym this week, 200X2X6. Yeah, I’m a bad ass.

And a word from my pussyboy Doberman. Please make the wind stop, I’m afraid of it.

And about an epic free day:
EAS Myoplex bar
Maple bar and coffee
Pay Day
Hamburger on sourdough
Large slice of key lime pie
1 pound NY
Potato with everyfreakingthing
Caesar Salad
More Key Lime Pie

This weeks food:
WW English muffin 1/2
Turkey bacon
Lite Cheddar

1/2 ham sandwich w/lean ham
12 baby carrots

turkey sloppy joes on 1/2 ww hamburger bun

either apple and string cheese or protein enriched pudding

lemon pepper chicken
baked potato

ricotta and strawberries or protein enriched pudding