Yes, I have been missing, but I have been working out, diligently. I have another meet coming up in July and I’m working very hard towards that. For the most part my eating has been pretty good. This week was:

Oatmeal with cottage cheese

1/2 WW english muffin, slice of lean ham, slice of lowfat cheddar

WW sourdough little roll with tri tip and salsa

apple and string cheese

Swordfish, ww couscous and salad

ricotta and strawberries.

yesterday, not so much. I’m remodeling one of our offices and the stress was off the hook yesterday. I shut down our biggest branch at 3pm and had every thing moved out on the balcony. At the same time a KD’ed all the existing cubes and had new workstations brought up and stored on the balcony. Finish time? 7:06, yeah I rock. Today the carpet goes in, tomorrow they build out the cubes, Monday the furniture goes back in and we’re ready to run on Tuesday morning.

I’ve been running again. Hanging out with Mrs. H got that going. I got my new shoes two days ago and can’t wait to take them out. I’ve been biking too. New shoes, new cleats and I can get out of the clips now without falling down. It’s a great day to be me.

About Scooby…

Yesterday morning I took Beauregard for his morning walk. We went out a different way and I was planning on jogging home. As I turned to corner back into my neighborhood I saw something wierd, that I still can’t identify in my head and heard I dog yelping and then saw him running in circles in the center of the street until he collapsed. Because I had Beau, I hung back while he was yelping and running. When he collapsed we ran, sprinted as much as I can sprint to get to him. He was down. He was a brindle pit bull with beautiful blue eyes. I knew he was in trouble, so I told him to hang tight, I’d be back. There were some landscapers hanging around and I told them to call the police. I’m sure they were illegal. They didn’t. Jackasses. You can’t live here if you have this little compassion for a poor animal dying right in front of you. I ran home got my truck and came back to take him to the vet, but he was dead. I had to fight with some idiot Mexican to get him to help me get him into the truck.
Will you help me?
No? Are you freaking nuts? Do you want to leave this poor animal in the middle of the street?
Then help me.
Habla Inglis?
Pero Muerto.
Then I motioned that I wanted him to help me put the dog in the back of my truck, and he did. Gracias. Dumbass.

Scooby, I’m sorry, I tried. Rest in peace buddy.


Now, I haven’t had a bike since my Schwinn Varsity I had when I was a kid. It was orange and to be honest with you, I can’t remember what ever happened to it. I might have sold it. Anyway, after Dr. Anderson admonished me about my knees, I quit running and tried to lose some weight so she’d do a buff and shine on my knees. Well, I needed to replace the running so I bought a bike. That would be easier on my knees, right? Not if you fall off of the damned thing. So I got my clip stuck on Thursday and down I went, hard. Yeah, I hit my knee and my elbow. Then today, I’m smarter, I’ve been practicing getting my foot out of the damned things, so down I go on the right side. Beauregard is licking my wounds, he says that helps, but I just keep thinking that he licks himself too and how could that help? Beau?

…brings May flowers

The rain appears to be gone, and the flowers are definitely here. My roses are gorgeous. I hacked down the weeds in the front the day before yesterday, the Peace rose is En Fuego, the red rose is gorgeous, the natives are stealing them, which really pisses me off. The JFK by the pool is spectacular. All of the pool roses look great. I cleaned the pool decks yesterday and have been working on the pool to get it up and running for the summer. Yesterday I rode my new bike, LOVE IT. Jumped some rope and jogged a bit with Beau. I need to lift today, and will momentarily, after the little man gets his walk. It’s amazing what a little good weather will do for me. I’ve been eating properly, making sales calls, doing what I need to do.

Weight 209
Fat 36.1
BMI 35.6

I think the fat measurement is off, but i’m not sure why.

This week’s offerings

Oatmeal with cottage cheese
Apple and String cheese
Bean tostada
Turkey on WW sourdough
Salmon, brown rice and asparagus
Ricotta and blueberries

Getting grounded

What a weekend. Later today I will write a note to the lovely Mrs. H, thanking her for reminding me of who I really am. Mrs. H is amazing. She is beautiful, but not in a classic way. Her beauty comes from within her in an amazing way, and she is a woman of divine class. Her relationship with Mr. H is something to behold and I learn every time I’m around her. Her love for her son is so sacred it’s impossible to describe. She is a triathlete. She has accomplished what I wish I had accomplished, but my body has crapped out on me. She impresses me, she’s got it right. We went to her beach house for a long weekend. We drank like fish, acted stupid, professed plans for World Domination and shopped. Yesterday morning, I watched her come out in her running clothes and strap on her running shoes. I doubt she knows it, but I cried watching her leave. I yearn to run, but my body won’t allow it. I want to strap it on again, and run the reservoir with my dog. On the way home we talked about things that I hadn’t spoke of in at least 20 years. It made my chest hurt, yet, I remembered who I was. For that Mrs. H, I will be forever indebted and in your honor, I will work to never forget again.