As if this were news…

Newt Gingrich is afraid that the GOP is going to have a rough go of it in November. Ya think? Let’s see, what could it be?

The Economy?
$3 per gallon?
$400 heating bills?
Tom DeLay?
Valerie Plame?
Scooter Libby?
Babs $30k “donation” to Katrina victims earmarked to purchase her idiot son’s software?
The Bushes?
Kevlar vests that can’t find their way to Iraq?
Crappy international policy?
Sweetheart deals for Halliburton?
Soldiers making $30k while contractors make $300k for doing the same freaking job?
Uh, the 16 words that had nothing to do with fact? hint =State of the Union address WMD’s
Church becoming State?

What’s the difference between the Christian Right and the Muslim Fundamentalists? Uh, nothing.

Here we are..

I’ve got a meet next Saturday. Tomorrow will be my last weightlifting session before the meet. Then all cardio and possibly some yoga up until meet day. I’m certain I can press 205, maybe more. This is going to be good.

Here’s this week’s offering:

Oatmeal with cottage cheese

Ricotta and berries with almonds

Dirty rice (turkey, chicken andouille sausage, brown rice and a ton of spices)
OR Chicken Caesar.

Apple and String cheese

Ahi, couscous and salad
OR Grilled chicken, brown rice and salad

Chocolate mousse w/protein powder

The woman paid Beauregard’s emergency bill. Unfortunately, Diablo View nickels and dimes you to death. I do like Dr. Schroeder though. The last guy gave him Rimadayl, which you should never prescribe for a Doberman. Never sulfur drugs actually. His tubes are out, but I’m fighting to keep his back drained. His stitches come out on Wednesday. And now a wine review, which I don’t believe I did yet.

Collaboration Pinot Noir. MMMMmmm good. This is brought to us by the same guys that brought us Seven Peaks a few years ago. Michael got me cases of that stuff at $4 per bottle because they were bankrupt. At $16.99 Andronico style for this bad boy, they’re going to go bankrupt again. This is a very good Pinot. A pretty wine is what Fifi would call this one.